If the game isn't playable in Linux then it isn't worth playing

Either natively or with Wine/Proton/etc. Using a VM for Windows isn't worth it. That's why I took one video card out of my computer, the one not as good.

VMware Workstation Player is kind of useless for games, doesn't support newer DirectX. I'll use it for my Logitech remote software, and iTunes.

I can play non Linux games on my PS4, and Switch. No need to fiddle with Windows.

Don't know why people love Windows so much. If more people played games in Linux, more games might be for Linux. There's more Linux games now then there use to be.

No wonder sound doesn't work with the HDMI audio extractor, the Monoprice HDMI switch isn't on. Got to change the config for the remote again. And it works now.