L4T Ubuntu

New Linux distro for the Switch, it's based on NVIDIA's distro for their Tegra.

So there's hardware acceleration.

Does the battery get messed up like first Linux distros for it?

Guess I didn't need a HDMI extender. Except, I like having the TV connected as a display, no special software needed, except for on the extender.

Downloading it, in case I get unlazy and put it on my Switch. That means taking the micro SD card out of my unused Raspberry Pi Zero.

It does mess up the clock in the Switch OS.

Clock gets messed up in horizon

Somebody on GBAtemp claims Steam isn't for ARM Linux. The Steam Link app is, don't know if it works on the Switch though, works on the Raspberry Pi.

And they said the battery will be fine. Somebody also asked, if you can just copy the files to an ext4 partition, you can, just mount the img file, and copy, you need to copy the files on partition 1 to the FAT32 partition too.

Oh yeah, and apparently the Switch does 4k in Linux, probably only 30 Hz, because of the HDMI version. My HDMI switch doesn't do 4k.

Why is it moving it to the left? I might be restoring my EmuNAND backup.

Saints Row: The Third is out for the Switch? Maybe somewhere else.

Ha, it's going to take over an hour to shrink the partition.

Linux is copied to the ext4 partition, and the stuff to boot on the FAT32 partition. Updating RetroArch, then I'll see if Linux works. Does it support WPA enterprise?