Librem One

Comes with a VPN, and other services. So it's better then paying for just a VPN. It's $8 a month, no ads, no selling your data. I should signup, but I should wait till tomorrow.

If you pay, do you have to delete your Gmail? Don't know if I can change my email on everything.

The tunnel app says my login info is invalid. That was a waste of money.

You have to go to your profile, and click activate for the Tunnel.

Good news, it doesn't slow my internet down on my iPhone.

Can't use it on my desktop, says internal server error.

I should pre order their phone tomorrow. Except, it doesn't ship till Q3. Wait till June or one day before July 1st, then pre order it.

The Seattle VPN server must of took a dump, it kept toggling on and off, and said I was using LTE. Changed it to California, and it works now. Happened after I got off the phone, or while on the phone. Maybe automatic doesn't work.

I thought Netflix didn't work on VPNs? Apparently it does on some. So, if I leave the country, connect to a US server, I can watch US Netflix? Well, they are going to get a lot of business for supporting Netflix. Unless, it's not using the VPN for Netflix.

What shows are only on the Canada Netflix? I just connected to a Canada location.

Use the Mexico location, try watching Lunatics, and it'll say to turn off services or something. So, it's using the VPN for Netflix.

Librem One