Linux on the Switch is useless

I did get Steam Link to install, by --force-architecture, but it needs the internet to download it.

Trying to tap anything is almost impossible, you'll get pissed off very quickly. You'd need tiny fingers to use it. Good luck using a mouse, the USB C port doesn't work, wouldn't work on the dock either, as then I could SSH into it.

I'm not even going to try entering the login info the the WiFi. I'd have to add a new account, for it, but not worth it, I'd type the password in wrong. The touch screen isn't very responsive. I'll just leave it in the OS it came with. Maybe someday somebody will make a Linux distro with a functional UI, that doesn't require tiny fingers.

There's not even arrows on the keyboard, so if in a terminal, you can't click the up arrow to get your last command.

If you want to be pissed off, put Linux on your Switch, I'm not responsible for any damage you cause to your Switch.

You can't even put the display to sleep, by clicking the power button, if you hold it down, it'll shut off, doesn't have a thing popup like on the Switch OS, that lets you select shutdown. You need tiny fingers to click the thing that has shutdown.

If the Switch controller works, then you can use it as a mouse. It works with most Linux distros. Unless they compiled the kernel without support for it.

My dock might be defective, it's a pain in the ass to get it in right, if the green light turns off immediately, then you have to take it out and try again. Can't remember if my mom's dock is like that too. If it isn't, I should swap em.

And the light doesn't stay green. But it shows on the TV, then it gets all messed up, and the signal keeps going bye bye. Either it doesn't like my TV, or the HDMI switch.

Looks like the kernel lacks a ton of drivers, so my USB ethernet adapter probably doesn't work.