Mate has one serious flaw

Pauses my music when locking the screen. So if you are taking a dump, once the computer automatically locks the screen, the music stops.

I thought it was doing the skipping thing, nope it never came back. Until I unlocked my computer.

Good luck solving the problem, Google is 100% useless, as usual.

Don't see any setting to change, maybe there is one in a text file somewhere.

Looks like it isn't when it locks. When it shuts the screen off.

Not a Linux problem. If you blank the screen, the HDMI over IP adapter, the audio gets shutoff. Think it's still playing, just can't hear it.

If only the other monitor had it's own DISPLAY.

Can't get it on a separate screen. Google is useless, that is the old way of doing it.

30 Hz reduces input lag, problem is, mirroring the displays, and my monitor doesn't do 30 Hz, the lowest is 50 Hz. Oh well, at least 50 Hz is slightly better.

To lazy to figure out the name of Saints Row, what develspie would see. The command to show the programs, doesn't show Saints Row.