Might have enough to assemble another computer next month

But I might not, every time I think of spending money, I get a feeling in my gut.

Can Kodi receive Airplay? If Philo lets you Airplay stuff, then I don’t need the Apple TV anymore, if I assemble another computer.

I’ve already uploaded almost 20 GB to Nextcloud. Looks like Comcast slightly increased my upload speed.

If it has DRM, it won’t work.

I think Philo works on Roku, my TV has Roku built in. Sucks I can’t easily use a computer, I don’t want to use a mouse and keyboard in a browser on the couch.

Damn, Mini ITX costs more then Micro ATX.

Before tax $354.09, add another 100 or so, if you want a drive, the Kingston 960 GB SSD or however big it is. I have a smaller Kingston, in an enclosure, that I could put in it, and a M.2 SSD.

When do the new AMD CPUs come out? Think June or July, or the date will be announced then. The old ones should get cheaper by then.

AMD Athlon 200GE is that good enough for Mythtv and streaming games using Steam? It’s only $50. Will faster RAM then it supports work? Should, just will run slower. It’s only $45 for 2×4 GB, Patriot 3000 MHz.

If I do that, I won’t need an AtariVCS.

I’ll probably buy all those parts, you can run any OS on it, non like the AtariVCS. CPU might not be as good as whatever the AtariVCS will have, but you get any OS you want. Does the Steam client do game streaming? Or do you need the Steam Link app to do it?