MSI X470 Gaming Plus

That supports the upcoming AMD CPUs, there was a bios update in March.

Doubt mine will, no bios update yet. Why does it have three PCIe x16 slots, but only one can run at x16, and nothing for the other two, or two at x8, and nothing for the third one. I wouldn’t want to use the other slot, it’ll slow down the GPU. Mine is x16 and x4 for the other slot. That’s better then x8 for each slot. Or is it x8 now? It’s different depending on how many PCIe slots you use, including the x1 slots.

Why do you need legacy mode for Linux? My motherboard is set to UEFI only.

If you use all three slots, the last one is x4. Downloaded the PDF.

So if I put one in the first x16 slot, and one in the last slot, it’s like my board? That is x16 and x4. Just don’t use the stinky second slot.

Will the 2700 cost $160 when the 3rd gen CPUs come out? That’s how much the 1700 is, that’s what I have. Should buy a new case too, so I don’t have to pry the top fan out to remove the motherboard.

I’ll still buy MSI motherboards, even though their bios can be buggy. They removed support for a EVGA video card I was using in a bios update, wouldn’t post with it. Their boards last though, so who cares if the bios are buggy. I probably won’t buy a NVIDIA card again. The next one will probably be Intel, if it supports virtualization without passing it through.

$225 for the CPU is still cheaper then what I paid for my current one. But I need more RAM, to put in the old computer. Might as well get a new power supply too.

I’ll be waiting until the third gen CPUs come out then. Then just get a different board, that supports PCIe 4.0.

Will AMD’s new video cards support virtualization of some kind? I don’t want to passthrough the video card. To much trouble. And it uses less power with only one video card.

Only need a new motherboard for USB 3.1 gen 2 support, there’s add on cards, but it may or may not work in Linux. That’s what I keep forgetting to look up, what USB 3.1 gen 2 chipsets are supported in Linux. That’s less work then a new motherboard.