OBS Studio doesn’t work

Might not of recompiled it after downgrading to the stable Manjaro.

I was using the git AUR package, just removed it and installed the one from the repo.

Yup it works now. I made a video of Saints Row: The Third, but it has nudity. YouTube might not allow it.

It’s also over 7 GB. Why can’t I hear anything? Probably need to increase the volume, either on the soundbase, or in the file itself.

Thirty minutes to make a streaking clip. The first program I tried crashed. Not using h265 this time.

That clip is going to be almost 2 GB. Looks like I’ll be re encoding it. I’ll probably upload it to my porn domain, after the file size is under 1 GB.

The OGG or whatever format, doesn’t use much CPU to encode. Takes a long ass time, I left the resolution at 1440p.

VLC has issues playing it, but Mplayer could play it. Got to re render it, the file is broken, ffmpeg won’t even convert it. Looks like x264 is faster at encoding, at least with Pitivi. Under 200 MB.

Got sound, used Avidemux, increased the DB to 40. Wonder why it doesn’t record as loud as I hear it.

Uploading the video, you’ll find a link on my porn domain, which is a useless forum.