The dump I just took was painful. If you like painful dumps, get constipated.

That was the most shit that came out today. Still not a full size dump.

On another note, the lady that said she was going to put a dog bed in front of my door, finally did. I heard knocking, but I was in the bathroom. It’s a Costco dog bed. Maybe it has flees. Either way, it’s a $40 dog bed. Looks bigger then Tonka’s in my room. I just put it where her cool pad is, and the cool pad on top of it.

Anybody want a giant Costco dog bed? Tonka is in my room on the one I bought her years ago. Well, I guess I can wash her bed now, she has an extra one. Wash the new one too.

And on another note, somebody else sent my sister an email about the bike. No foot throttle, the throttle is on the handlebars. And the batteries are combined into one 24v battery.

The top speed is advertised as 15 Mph, but it might be more with the better batteries. I haven’t rode it for years, so I don’t know.