Not going to buy the Wireless Wire yet. Think WiGig is still new, so I’ll wait for more products. That should reduce the cost.

Once it’s $100, I’ll buy it.

Looks like I’ll have to patch modify the AMD FB to get HDMI sound in macOS.

Why do I want a laptop?

I had one, that I sold. Linux ran fine on it.

Probably because the System76 one is a good price, and has Thunderbolt 3. Somebody from 2018 was able to passthrough the external GPU to Windows.

Play games in a VM on that laptop, take the AMD RX 570 out of my desktop. Except, then macOS won’t work on my desktop.

I won’t buy a MacBook. They charge to much for what you get, you pay a premium, and you can’t even upgrade the RAM yourself, so you have to pay another premium to upgrade the RAM when you order it.

If I can’t get sound to work in macOS in my VM, then I’ll just forget about macOS. But I can just add a fake sound card to it, and I’ll get sound.

Nice way to wake up

The first time I woke up, I was cold, and had heartburn. Had to turn the fan in my room off, two blankets wasn’t enough, unless I put my head under the blanket, but that might affect my breathing.

The second time I woke up, I could barely get out of bed, super weak. Might have a cold, except I know I already did, maybe it turned into the flu or something.

I’d take a shower, but there’s no chair in there, so I might fall and break something.

If I have to get a wheelchair, I’ll get more care giving hours.


Was trying to get Tonka to come inside, so I was tugging on her, and she fell on her butt. I had to grab her collar and turn her around.

Hopefully she doesn’t have dementia or whatever Chibi had.

Wireless Wire

Where do I buy that? It has shitty range, and has to be pointed at the other one, so hacking it might be a challenge.

I need two sets, so four total. Might be cheaper to buy another VLAN switch, and then just one set. That’ll get rid of the long ass cable on the floor.

The suggested price is $200. So $400 for two sets, that might be to much. Just buy one at a time.

Amazon has it. To bad I don’t want to spend any money this month. Damn, not sold directly by Amazon.

Better go to bed, a couple hours earlier.


Didn’t know sleep or suspend worked in Linux

In the past, it froze my computer. Might of been using the closed source GPU driver.

I accidentally found out, I thought the pause break key on my keyboard shut it down, nope suspend.

I gave up on i440FX

For macOS in QEMU, just using Q35 now.

Maybe I’ll figure out how to get HDMI audio working someday.

What happened to TX’s site?

There’s a huge thread on GBAtemp about it. There was one good point, why not have a backup server? But, how do you make a backup DNS server?

It would be easy to point it to one server, that is a proxy to the other two servers. Use some free DNS, like what your registrar uses.

Read more of it on my phone while shitting on the Jonny. Somebody on their Facebook apparently said the domains were seized, and possibly somebody was arrested. Didn’t click the link, they copy and pasted it on the forum.

That’s funny if true. That’s what happens when you sell piracy. They may be who runs the paid piracy site. That domain is on hold too.

Sad sad day

Looks like today was the last day I see my retiring counselor. Not sure why, he doesn’t leave till May.

The guy he said I should see, was available today, so we didn’t have to schedule it. He had me meet him before I start seeing him.

Maybe he just wanted to get it done, before he’s gone for good.

System76 it is

The Linux Dell laptop, is like the new MacBooks, you can’t upgrade the RAM yourself, unless you are an expert at de soldering.

The Galago Pro has Thunderbolt 3, the only reason to buy a Intel laptop. The Dell does too. I assume you can upgrade the RAM on the Galago Pro, I’ll still buy it with more RAM, one stick of RAM sucks. You get a nice speed boost with dual channel RAM.

Thunderbolt 3 is future proof. So when I get 10 Gbps internet, I’ll have one thing that can do it.

Might not buy any laptop though. Just keep collecting till I have over 5k, then get evicted.

Does macOS work on the Galago Pro without replacing the WiFi? The WiFi should work too.

Also, I don’t think any top Apple people have a foundation, like Bill Gates. If I was giving money to a proprietary OS, it would be Microsoft. I don’t think Bill Gates runs Microsoft anymore. He also said he doesn’t pay enough in taxes.

He’s not greedy like Apple. Steve Jobs might not of been that greedy, he only made $1 a year. But still no foundation.