The update for my EdgeRouter, shows my Slice’s IP in the Traffic Analysis. Shows it as it’s own device.

Did somebody get on my AP and are using my Slice’s IP?

No Borderlands 3 for Linux on launch

It’ll be exclusive to the Epic Store for six months. Go to Epic’s site, and the only download is a Windows file. Looks like the Epic Store might work on a Mac too.

Just no Linux. Boohoo. I won’t buy the game then. I’ll forget about it six months after it’s release.

I forgot about that

My mom has a discount from Apple. I have an account on the site, she added me.

But the $939 MacBook Air, can’t be ordered with 16 GB of RAM. That’s a bummer.

No wonder Apple doesn’t sell many Macs. They don’t want you to upgrade them. 8 GB might be enough RAM, but I’d rather it be future proof.

Still no sound in macOS

Did a clean install of the latest version. Might be easier to just add a fake audio to it. But I’d rather use the HDMI on my GPU.

Didn’t know EPYC was supported in macOS. Let’s see if host-passthrough works now.

Of course it works.

    <qemu:arg value='-cpu'/>
    <qemu:arg value='Penryn,kvm=on,vendor=GenuineIntel,+invtsc,vmware-cpuid-freq=on,+pcid,+ssse3,+sse4.2,+popcnt,+avx,+aes,+xsave,+xsaveopt,check

That’s in the XML file. I’d have to delete that.

Deleted that, now Clover doesn’t open, just like before when I tried using host-passthrough. Does a different Intel CPU work? Maybe the audio will work with a different CPU model.

Doesn’t work with Westmere, freezes at the random thing.

For host-passthrough, you need i440fx.

It works with host-passthrough now, followed the instructions here.

Did I even boot the right VM? Cause it isn’t working. All I did was install updates and reboot my computer.

Got it to boot, but forced the VM off too many times, so the computer needs to be rebooted. The video card is MIA.

Don’t remember how I got it to boot. Got to go to bed.

No live TV on my Apple TV

The Mythtv app for it sucks. And there’s no HDHomeRun app.

Tvendhead might work. If there’s an app that does live TV. Yup, the app does do live TV. I want to watch PBS 24/7.

Might be to lazy to set it up though. I need to watch The Simpsons I recorded with Mythtv before switching.

No AUR package, or in the repo. Boohoo. The only other thing that might work is Emby. But that’s not free.

Looks like using Airplay is the easiest solution. Is Tvendhead even updated anymore?

Is that illegal?

Using a possibly illegally obtained macOS, then using that to get a legal copy of macOS? I didn’t do a clean install yet.

Running macOS on PCs and in virtual machines, isn’t really circumventing any protection, it’s implementing Mac stuff on a PC.

If Apple didn’t want people to run macOS on PCs, they shouldn’t of switched to Intel CPUs.

Windows has TRIM support in my VM now

Didn’t know VirtIO SCSI had discard support. Maybe virt-manager just didn’t have the option until recently.

Or I hopped time, and am in some other reality. I tried taking a screenshot of the benchmark, but Windows was having issues accessing my network share.

I tried going to bed an hour or so earlier, and couldn’t fall a sleep.

Just set the discard setting to unmap.

No VirtIO SCSI for macOS. So I’ll keep it in a image file.

Somebody here hasn’t paid their rent for two months?

She hasn’t lived here very long. How long can you go without paying rent? I should go exactly one day less, before paying my rent. I’ll keep paying my rent every month. Tonka doesn’t want to get evicted.

I heard her talking to somebody.

I’m guessing she got evicted. Who wouldn’t pay their rent here? It’s cheap.

Two antennas work

With the combiner/coupler I bought. The antenna I ordered came today. It’s the same as the one I have.

But I can’t use the booster with just one antenna, does the same thing when just using one antenna with a booster. That means no farther away channels.

PBS has a better signal quality, but the symbol quality goes down like it was without the combiner. Didn’t think it was with just one antenna in the combiner, maybe I didn’t test it enough.

Also, the symbol quality doesn’t matter as much with two antennas, the graphical glitches aren’t as noticeable, just a little pixelation or whatever, doesn’t last more then a second or so.

The antennas aren’t pointed the same way. Pointless to do that, I suppose it might do something. The only channel I really watch is 90% for the signal quality. Don’t remember what it was before.

There we go, I just adjusted the new antenna slightly. Now the symbol quality might stay at 100% on PBS. I’d have to watch it for a 24 hours straight to know though.

Apple is anti consumer

You can’t upgrade the RAM on some of their Macs. If the RAM dies after warranty, you’ll have to pay them to fix it, or buy a new motherboard. Or try de soldering the RAM. Sounds like fun. I think the System76 Linux laptops are easy to upgrade.