Finally got macOS to boot without rebooting the router or my computer

I had to use the “-f” boot option. Getting sound to work will be fun, since I don’t understand anything it says to do.

And it’s not booting again. Even with -f. Says something about something stalling.

It’s Lilu and WhateverGreen. And changing the model of my fake Mac might fix it. I had to delete the kexts again, so I can boot and use Clover Configurator to change my model.

Reinstalling, probably fucked it up somehow. I did try installing VoodooHDA, to try and get sound. That was one of the first things I did to try and get sound. I deleted the kext, maybe that’s not enough.

To get the Clover image to see the internal drive, enable it as bootable in your libvirt xml file.

You can’t use PC hardware and make the OS not usable on anything else

Apple learned that the hard way. Or they fully intended it to happen.

They were hiring a bunch of Linux developers sometime ago, possibly years. Does that mean a non Mac macOS? I’d pay for it. Then I might ditch Linux on my desktop. And if they use the Linux kernel, then hopefully they keep KVM.

macOS is faster then Windows 10

Both in a VM, with the same amount of cores/threads, and the same amount of RAM.

The funny thing is, macOS is on an external $30 SSD, in a qcow2 image file.

Windows is on an internal Samsung SSD, RAW, no image file.

Same video card too.

Would a MacBook Air be as fast? It has shitty integrated video. But you could use a external GPU.

No sound in the VM yet. Might be a pain to fix, I want to use the HDMI sound from the GPU.

Looks like reinstalling Clover, killed it. Clover won’t even boot. I’ll see if the Clover image will boot.

And copying the EFI from the Clover, didn’t fix it. Says something about dropping tail or something.

Ha, so macOS is faster on a mechanical drive then Windows. The old image was still being booted. That means, I have to redo everything, or better, just copy it to the SSD again, and copy EFI back to the old image.

The problem is most likely because there’s two memory fixes in the drivers folder, the old one, and it installed a new one.

And the copy gets slow once it says 100, don’t know if it’s the SSD or the other drive. The file is 60 GB.

Nope, looks like I need to copy Clover from the Clover image to it. After deleting the EFI folder.

Clover boots now, but macOS is taking a long ass time to boot. Not even to the Apple logo with the progress bar, just the garbled text.

To get rid of the garbled text, set the resolution to 1024×768 in config.plist. Somehow it finally booted. And I don’t think sleep works, it won’t wake up.

Do I need the DSDT patches? The ethernet is causing it to hang. Changed some stuff in config.plist to what this has. Now to copy the virtio-net-osx to a flash drive. Probably won’t work, it’s 5 years old.

Sleep might work now. Wasn’t sleeping long though. Going to try using vmxnet3 for the network. Thought I did shutdown in macOS, apparently not.

Maybe my router crapped itself.

Almost booted, booted to a black screen. Disabling reset HDA got it to boot.

That’s why a real Mac is nice, it just works.

Nope, virtio doesn’t work.

CPU benchmark
Compute benchmark

Can you upgrade the RAM yourself on a MacBook Air?

Or any of the MacBooks? I’m pretty sure you can’t upgrade the flash storage, which is a bummer, flash doesn’t last forever. Not a huge deal, if you get a new one, it has Thunderbolt 3, that’s plenty fast for any SSD. It’ll be a while before USB is as fast as Thunderbolt 3.

They should give me a free RAM upgrade, otherwise it isn’t worth over a grand. I want the Retina display, that means you need a newer MacBook.

It would be cheaper to get the cheaper MacBook, and then use one of the shitty apps to use my iPad as a display. Can’t use the free one, doesn’t work with the newest macOS, and it was last updated a year ago.

Looks like the newest Air, the RAM isn’t upgradeable, soldered on. But the flash might be upgradeable, expensive though.

It adds $200 to upgrade the RAM. What happens if I have over 2k in the bank? I need 2k for a 1k laptop, over that, and over 2k. Got to keep 1k in the bank.

I need a real Mac, so I can use the App Store. If I login, I might get banned. I use the account on my iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

I got the macOS installer to boot in QEMU

But the mouse wasn’t working. Had to go to bed.

To get past the random seed thing, you have to use the OVMF_CODE.fd from here. If you are using the Ryzen Clover config.plist, remove all the kernel patches, otherwise it’ll stay at random seed too.

I might share my Clover.qcow2 later, after I get the mouse working.

The mouse works now. Looks like the last thing I did before bed, worked, I didn’t test it before bed. Add a regular USB mouse, not the tablet thing.

Here’s my Clover.qcow2. It’s configured with a AMD RX 570, so if you aren’t using GPU passthrough, you’ll need to change the config. You can make a it using a script. You might need “OsxAptioFix3Drv-64.efi”, I modified the script to add it.

fish copy-in $WORK/EFI/CLOVER/drivers-Off/drivers64UEFI/OsxAptioFix3Drv-64.efi \

Add that under the last copy for the drivers.

My config.plist is here.

I should move the macOS.qcow2 to my external SSD, that would be faster then the 1 TB drive. Or install directly to the SSD.

Clover doesn’t show the drive after installing. Showed the installer on it at first, then when it finished, it only shows the installer in a different qcow2 image. APFS isn’t supported? Looking at the script to make the Clover image, it’s copying the APFS driver.

Got it to boot, had to copy the EFI folder from the Clover image, to the EFI partition on the macOS drive. I did it from Linux using qemu-nbd. But it crashed after telling it to use DHCP. Guess my USB adapter doesn’t work with macOS. That’s a bummer.

And macOS works now. Just had to get the bridge working. Use “e1000-82545em” for the device type. Almost dinner time, so I’ll mess with it later.

Funny that macOS crashes if you select DHCP with no network.