Will probably buy that used from KEH. It’s a little under $300. Not till next month if I buy it.

That’s cheaper then a new camera.

Can’t be worse then the 12-32mm or whatever it is. That lens was cheap, should of bought the 12-60mm to begin with. There’s at least one good review on Amazon for it.

Probably won’t buy it. Look here. The Laboratory Chemicals at 12mm, f/5.6 image, you can’t read the texts on the bottles just like the lens I have would do. If everything isn’t in focus, then it’s not worth $300. My cheap lens does the same.

They should of focused on all the bottles.

Also, how do you know where to focus to get what you want in focus? Don’t think tapping on what you want works. Not unless you make the square really big, so it’s the entire frame.

Good idea, how do I make the focus box the entire frame? I need to take a nude photo of a morbidly obese man, they take up the entire frame.