Samsung 512GB

What's the write speed on that? My micro SD card is currently under 20 MB/s. It says in the title 100MB/s, but doesn't say if that's read or write.

90 MB/s is the write speed, up to. Can it sustain that speed? Or does it slow down?

SandDick has a 1 TB micro SD card. Didn't know those existed yet, somebody on Amazon said the Switch can use up to 2 TB. That's enough space to back my photos up, but it costs over $400.

Probably takes a long ass time to test the card, there's software that'll write to it's full capacity. Not sure if there's a Linux program to do so, other then dd.

Kingston has a 512 GB micro SD card. Not as fast as the Samhung. But I really like the Kingston SSD I bought for $30. Don't actually use it for anything currently. It's hooked up, but not mounted. I should back my photos up to it with Cron. Third party seller, for the cheap price, enjoy your fake card, even the ones from Amazon can be fake. I'd buy from B&H or somebody.

Why does Amazon allow clearly fake cards to be sold on their site? No 512 GB micro SD card for $30 is real. Maybe someday they will be that cheap, unless everybody gets melted before then.