She doesn't like privacy

She thinks only Chinese and criminals use a VPN.

My older sister had a VPN, don't know if she still does. Is she a criminal too?

Most criminals use somebody else's internet, and maybe Tor. If you use a VPN, you'll get busted like the one guy who used I can't remember the name of it.

If you pay with cryptocurrency, then you might be safe, if you use somebody else's internet. Might as well use Tor, it's free.

If she likes Google and Facebook selling her data, then good for her. All I get is spam mostly, so Google isn't making much money off of me.

If she likes getting her info stolen while using a public hot spot, once again, good for her.

She also thinks people use VPS's for illegal activity. Maybe some people do. Some people go to the grocery store, for illegal purposes. Good luck using stolen credit card info at my host, they manually verify everything. If you use a VPN to order, you won't get any service.

Would installing and using a VPN on my VPS, also be illegal according to her? You do know my host has my info right?

Mass surveillance won't end well. No encryption, and enjoy getting arrested for no more freedom of speech.