System76 it is

The Linux Dell laptop, is like the new MacBooks, you can't upgrade the RAM yourself, unless you are an expert at de soldering.

The Galago Pro has Thunderbolt 3, the only reason to buy a Intel laptop. The Dell does too. I assume you can upgrade the RAM on the Galago Pro, I'll still buy it with more RAM, one stick of RAM sucks. You get a nice speed boost with dual channel RAM.

Thunderbolt 3 is future proof. So when I get 10 Gbps internet, I'll have one thing that can do it.

Might not buy any laptop though. Just keep collecting till I have over 5k, then get evicted.

Does macOS work on the Galago Pro without replacing the WiFi? The WiFi should work too.

Also, I don't think any top Apple people have a foundation, like Bill Gates. If I was giving money to a proprietary OS, it would be Microsoft. I don't think Bill Gates runs Microsoft anymore. He also said he doesn't pay enough in taxes.

He's not greedy like Apple. Steve Jobs might not of been that greedy, he only made $1 a year. But still no foundation.