The Amd Radeon VII will get “pro” features

That includes “enterprise virtualization”, but you will need a new AMD driver to get it. Doesn’t mention Linux, so might be Windows only.

I can’t use the closed source driver in Linux, at least not easily. The easiest way would be switching to Ubuntu. But that won’t happen. I like pacman. Any Arch based distro is fine. Currently use Manjaro. I’m to lazy to use Arch Linux.

What might happen, is Intel’s new dedicated GPUs will all support virtualization, and some will cost under $700. Can AMD add support for virtualization to their older cards? Like the RX 570? If they can, they might, otherwise lots of Linux users will switch to Intel for their GPU.

Unless Intel forces you to use an Intel CPU, to use their dedicated cards. They won’t be as popular if they do that. My CPU supports virtualization, so why should I have to spend $700 and use Windows to get GPU virtualization?