The SSD should be a SSD in VMware Player now

scsi0:0.virtualSSD = " 1"

Add that to your .vmx file. Stolen from here. 0 might be different though, the first zero is the controller ID and the second the disk ID.

Does VirtualBox's 3D acceleration support DirectX 11? If so, I should use that instead. But I like VMware better, they make Fusion for the Mac, which has 3D acceleration. So their 3D acceleration is probably farther along then VirtualBox.

Can't shut the VM down till it's done downloading the Windows 10 ISO. I have an old version, but it might be older then what is installed.

Don't bother with VirtualBox, unless you want to play very old games that don't work in Wine. It only supports DirectX 8/9.

Workstation Pro might support GPU passthrough, don't know if it's better then KVM. Also, I'd rather use their 3D acceleration, even if not all new games work.

I'll probably mostly use it for iTunes, to back my iPad and iPhone up.

Lots of games work in Linux using Proton or Wine. To bad Fallout 76 doesn't run that great with Wine, if the mouse worked right in Proton, then it would run fine.

To add a RAW disk, just add a new VM, but use the default disk size. Then go to settings, and remove the fake hard drive, and add a new RAW one.

I'd pay for DirectX 11 support. Don't think the Pro version supports 11 either. If I'm going to passthrough the video card, might as well use the free KVM. But no AMD reset bug if you don't pass it through.

I wonder if macOS works in it, they might have the video driver for it, meaning basic things should work, like Safari.

Here's a patch for VMware Player for macOS, does it work with the latest version of VMware Player? The answer is a lovely yes. Thanks VMware, now I might be able to run macOS.

I patched my VMware Player. Says you might get a core dump in Windows, if you are using Windows for the host OS.

You might need " after the equal sign for the setting, it removed it from the file. Could be because it was running when I did it. Updated the setting.

You probably don't need the extra space it adds before 1.

How did it log me in without entering the pass code? Says just a moment. It didn't, don't know what it's doing, super slow.

So making it a virtual SSD makes it slower? I want TRIM support, that might get it.

Or does the patch kill Windows guests? Might be because the virtualization engine wasn't enabled. Funny that games work without that. Yup, way faster. It wasn't using the virtual crap on my CPU. Faster, but just started to hang. A reinstall might help, assuming it gets rid of all the unneeded drivers.

Also, is it using 8 cores, or 8 threads? Cores means only threads are left for Linux.