Good movie. Mom was watching it. Wasn't watching it at first, so I missed a bunch.

Didn't really matter, the movie is easy to follow along, if you are insane. I don't get why people complain and say it seems like they've missed a bunch of movies when watching it. I could watch them backwards, and I wouldn't notice.

Being only halfway in reality, is great.

Apparently it's on Netflix. But I'd still rather buy it on Blu-ray. Then I can rip it to my computer.

You can record Netflix, there was a way in Windows, don't know if it still works. Windows is super slow in VMware Player, so I wouldn't even try. I'm to lazy to try using Windows in VirtualBox instead, and I hate Windows with a passion.

Is the $15 one on eBay, a bootleg? Eh, I'll just say I didn't know. Except, you can get the trailer for free, no need to get a fancy bootleg box and Blu-ray. Or watch it on Netflix.

It doesn't say it's a bootleg copy, if it was eBay would probably remove it.

It comes with a 4k version too. Probably on it's own Blu-ray, can't read it with my Blu-ray drive. I'm to cheap to buy a new one, also I don't know if MakeMKV supports ultra HD Blu-rays. Nope, that must of been the feedback, doesn't say it comes with the 4k one.

Found the 4k one, with the regular Blu-ray. Not much more, and still cheaper then Amazon. I also got $1.25 off, eBay bucks.

Now to see how much a ultra HD Blu-ray drive is.

Is my drive UHD friendly? If so, I can rip it. Doesn't need to be certified apparently. There's an ASUS burner for $80, that somebody claims works, or might work. You have to flash the drive. Not worth it, do UHD certified drives work? That was in 2017. The first page.

I think my drive was $40, got it for Christmas or something. Not a burner. But really old, so if the old firmware on it, is UHD friendly, I'm good to go. No need to burn Blu-rays.