Tropico 6 is probably one of my favorite games now

Way better then any SimCity game, and Cities: Skylines. I have Cities: Skylines.

There’s politics in Tropico 6, and there’s humor. You can also arrange accidents, or just kill them, or institutionalize them, and arrest them.

I want to put a leader of a group in prison. I think I have one more tutorial to do, unless I already did it. Not sure, didn’t read the button I clicked.

The politics is kind of a pain though, you have to either rig the election, or make enough people vote for you. I’m guessing you lose if you don’t get reelected. I’ll just rig it, that’s the American way.

The missions are fun. Don’t know if I did the last tutorial, don’t really want to do it again if I did it.

Should probably go to bed.