What would I enjoy more, a Librem 5, or one of their laptops?

Probably the phone, since it’s running Linux, I can slowly do stuff I could do on laptop. I wonder how slow the CPU on their phone is though.

The Librem 13 only has one memory slot, no dual channel.

Do they really only have one slot? Or is that all they offer is non dual channel RAM?

The Librem 5 has Linux on it, not Android, so it might be fast enough. I think it’s ARM based, so Steam might work on it. The shitty thing, is it’s expensive for what you get, hardware wise. It properly has a shitty Geekbench score, but if the phone responds to touch quickly, and opens stuff fast enough, the score is useless.

The score on the Switch is probably shitty, yet it doesn’t seem slow. Runs games too.

Cheap Android phones with newer versions of Android, the web browser is super slow. If Google wants a shitty OS, they should make CPUs capable of running their bloated/shitty OS.