Would a HDMI switch with an audio extractor cause audio delay with my HDMI extender over IP?

Depends how shitty the switch is. Plugging the HDMI extender directly into the TV, would work the best.

Do they make a AV receiver with AUX out? Then I can get an overkill HDMI switch, well a receiver. Just plug the AUX out to my soundbase. RCA would work too, that's the cable I was using with my HDMI audio extractor.

A Sony for almost $300, has a "Phones" plug on the front. Can I connect that to a soundbase? It has 4 HDMI inputs, 4k and HDR.

I'll search Google, if I can plug a speaker into the Phones port. Or is that an input? Yamaha has a cheaper receiver, that is probably better.

The answer is yes, you can plug the soundbase into the headphone jack.

That does up scaling, that'll add delays. There's an old Onkyo for $200, that does 4k HDR. Might not do up scaling, since it's old.

Four ports isn't enough for everything. Oh wait, it is. Unless I want to hookup the Wii.

There's a Denon for $280. To bad I don't have the speakers my grandpa gave me anymore. They were at my mom's ex's, when I tried to get them, nobody knew where they were. So either stolen, just like all my stuff that got stolen, that I never received a penny for. Or somebody gave them away. I'm going with they were stolen.

Monoprice has some speakers for $90, it's a 5.1 system. No idea if they sound as good as my soundbase.

I like my soundbase, so I'll keep it.