Only crazy women are interested in me

Well, she isn’t anymore. She’s pissed off now. Probably cause I ran away from her. I opened the door for her, going outside, and she didn’t say anything to me.

Maybe she stumbled upon this blog.

Everybody in the building might be avoiding me. Kind of funny.

Maybe I’ll get enough complaints they will evict me. Then I won’t have rent anymore.

Why was she telling some guy not to pet Tonka? Or maybe she was trying to tell him not to talk to me. Usually people ask before petting a dog though.

Nobody in their right mind would date me.

Remember, AC resetting to 80 is normal

It’s only 76.5F in here. I lowered the AC to 70F many times today, it keeps resetting to 80.

The dog is sick and hot. Can I bill the apartment for the vet bill when I take her?

The AC thinks it’s 73F in here.

And it’s under 70F now, I opened a window. No idea why the AC was turning on. Must think it’s over 70F.

That episode of Property Brothers looked like shit

The commercials looked fine, didn’t really watch the commercials, you can skip em in Philo.

Expedition Unknown looked fine, and that was on warm color temperature, watched that yesterday or the day before, or the day before before.

Saints Row: The Third looks fine.

I tried increasing the brightness, but it still looked like shit, decreased the brightness, that didn’t do much either.

They need a new video camera person. Or somebody to edit the footage and make the colors look better. Funny though, when they don’t show reality, it looks fine. They show the remodel plan on a computer or something.

Was that puke or shit?

There was something on the ground in my closet. Not very much light in there, so I don’t know what it was. Wonder how long it’s been there.

She did have the runs when I took her out a while ago.

She didn’t eat her food today either.

I wonder if it’s the stuff she said to give her. Or the expired easy cheese stuff.

Apple will only give me $200 for my iPhone 7 now

That’s a bummer, it was $250 last time I looked. Google might give you more if you trade it in and buy a Pixel 3a.

Now, the iPhone XR costs over $500.

Google’s trade in will give me $243.

To bad, OnePlus doesn’t have a trade in.

I found a site with the Atomic Pi in stock

But the baby breakout board is sold out. Good luck turning it on without that.

I’d buy it, but no power makes it useless.

The shipping would be $7.17. Might as well wait for it to be in stock on Amazon.

Are they really not getting more of the breakout boards till the end of June? You can’t buy just the breakout board on Amazon, or their store site.

Where is everybody ordering the breakout boards from? If wasn’t sold out, you could buy the board and the breakout board, but not just the breakout board. Just go to their catalog, and you won’t find any breakout boards.

There is another way, solder the ground and the 5v to the pins.

What power supply has a ground and a 5v wire? I don’t want to cut off the barrel jack, and guess which one is 5v and ground.

Jerks are basically buying a bunch of breakout boards, and selling them for a high price. Ha, that comment recommends a UK site. That would be some slow ass shipping, apparently not everybody on lives in the US.

Not good advice, you have to order that from China, or the UK, both slow ass shipping. Might as well wait for the breakout board to be in stock.

You have to call them at the phone number in the FAQ/support pages to purchase the breakout boards

That’s how you buy just the breakout board. To much work and their site is dead.


So trying to see what their site says about powering it, is impossible.

Somebody claims you can power it with “bradboard jumpers”, I searched Google, and it found “breadboard jumpers”. Now, what power supply do you buy?

Good idea, buy the board, sell it on eBay for $50. I can’t use it, I don’t know how to solder, or where to solder, they deleted their site. I’d have to sell it for more then $50, the shipping is $7.17.

Does anybody plan on selling cases for it? 3D printing isn’t very cheap. Might as well buy one already made.

People aren’t open to the idea, that there were more advanced civilizations before the Maya

Just watch the newest Expedition Unknown. They couldn’t date the crystal skull, therefore, saying it was made in modern time can’t be proved.

If the only proof you have, is it was made with machinery, that they didn’t have when it was claimed to be made, you’re a closed minded fool. There was plenty of advanced civilizations before us.

You really think people build the pyramids by dragging the blocks with ropes? Oh wait, I guess people might not of made that anyways. If they cut the blocks by hand, the pyramids would be a mess.

I wonder what happened to Atlantis. Some guy got coordinates to Atlantis, from touching some craft. It was in binary code. They never found any remains of Atlantis. They knew the coordinates before he got them. Or I assume they did. Something about survival. Don’t remember exactly what the binary code translated to.

Can’t find the binary code I was thinking of, found some other one, don’t know if it’s the same one. No idea what show it was on either. Might be the one I found, but doesn’t say anything about coordinates.

But it sounds like humans will cease to exist, thanks to world governments for not telling everybody everything they know.

I already know we go to Mars, and get nuked on Mars. Some lady that could tell the future said so, she gets it right 80% of the time or something. She’s not alive anymore. She claims she got the knowledge from other worldly beings.

Some people would say my TV looks better then my monitor

But it’s missing details in Saints Row: The Third, don’t know if it’s the game mode setting, or Steam. Or the TV.

And I think the Steam Link app on the Apple TV supports higher then 1080p.

Go to advanced settings, and you can change the max resolution. I changed it to my monitor’s, which is less then the TV.

That could be the problem with detail, it’s not running at it’s native resolution, so it’s probably upscaling it.

Buy a 4k monitor, then I might be able to stream at 4k. Or get a 4k HDMI extender over IP, open steam on the TV, and then use the Apple TV to stream it. Will there be input lag?

Is there a fake display that you can open Steam in? So it can have 4k?

Don’t use the warm color temperature. Probably only good if the lights are off.