Windows 10 super slow in VMware Player?

Step 1 – echo never > /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled
Step 2 – echo never > /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/defrag

Stolen from here. Funny, they claim some of their Windows VMs are fine, just Linux guests. Worked for me, don’t know what “transparent_hugepage” is.

You can also disable it from grub, click the here link for what to use. I edited my grub file and ran update-grub. To bad, you can’t disable it in VMware Player, the default setting isn’t always, only for apps that can use it.

Who’s worse Astro or Scuf?

They cost about the same, if you want wireless.

There’s some bad reviews on the Astro, that the controller broke after three weeks. I can’t justify $200 on a three week controller. It should be a 30 year controller for $200.

Looks like Scuf might die within a month too. How much is the Best Buy extended warranty? And will Best Buy still exist however long it is?

Costs $40 for the replacement plan. Is there a controller for $240 that doesn’t die within a month?

Amazon doesn’t offer an extended warranty.

There’s a PS4 Razer controller, not sold officially in the US, there’s a third party Amazon fulfilled seller. It’s about $100. Not sure if you get a warranty.

Don’t think I can use and Xbox One wireless PC adapter with my Brook adapter. Still probably less then $200 for a better adapter.

Seeing as I don’t play the PS4, it doesn’t matter if I have a controller I like. Not sure they will buy my Razer Wildcat for $40 though.

What about NACON? Slightly cheaper.

ASYMMETRIC WIRELESS CONTROLLER why does that need a bluetooth USB adapter? The PS4 has built in bluetooth. Europe only. Probably no warranty with any NACON controllers, not sold in the US officially.

Looks like the Astro is basically the only option, in a shithole country, like the US. Unless, you want to buy a not officially sold in the US controller.

Now to see what other Brook adapters there are. Says mine does wireless controllers, does it need a firmware update? You’d need a USB wireless adapter.

Not Compatible:
Microsoft:XBOX ONE Wireless Adapter

It has wireless built in? Cause I’m pretty sure, when I bought it, it didn’t say wireless controllers worked. Downloading the manual to see what it says. After I see what happens if I try updating it. Booting my Windows 10 VM very slowly.

The firmware was updated. So it’s the one that says some wireless controllers work.

Probably only supports the wireless controllers in wired mode.

The PDF I downloaded, is just firmware update instructions. Apparently I was supposed to put a checkmark by controller compatibility update.

Wired only. Doesn’t say anything about wireless in the manual.

Wii/Wii-U/SW/PS4 to SW/PS4 Super Converter will that support wireless controllers? Cause I have a Powera Switch controller I like.

How does that work?

Taco Bell didn’t give me the runs yet. But Chipotle did yesterday. Or maybe it wasn’t Chipotle, something gave me the runs.

I’d think Taco Bell would more likely give you the runs.

Straw is clean

Walmart doesn’t have the straws for my bottle. So I looked on their grocery pickup site, for a straw brush, they had one, it comes with a bottle brush too.

It got whatever was in my straw out.

Kind of a rip off though, my drink doesn’t taste any better.

No food stamps till the 8th, so ordering online is fine, you can’t use food stamps on Walmart’s grocery pickup. When will they allow you to use food stamps? Then I’ll never have to go inside a store again. Except, they don’t have the floss things I buy on their pickup site, they have it in the store.

Moses and Akhenaten are the same person

Not surprising. Isn’t Akhenaten the God people could talk to with a certain drug? The government or military in some country, had psychics all take the drug, and they all got the same message.

Magic mushrooms or something. They wouldn’t all get the same message, if they were hallucinating. How can they all hallucinate the same thing?

Except, how is Akhenaten God? Moses wasn’t God. He just got tablets from God.

Just watch Mummies Unwrapped. I have enough evidence to know Moses and Akhenaten were the same person.

The God the psychics talked to, maybe it wasn’t Akhenaten, their name started with an A though. They were an Egyptian pharaoh.

What drug did they use? And what country is it legal in? I’ll get a one way plane ticket to that country. No visa, so it might be a challenge.

There’s a newer drug for depression, that is similar to what they used. You take it at the clinic. They don’t let you take it home. People would sell it. Or abuse it.

ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller – PlayStation 4

I might buy that. It’s $200. The only downside is, you can’t turn the PS4 on with it. No problem, my Xbox One controller can’t either, I remembered my remote can, I have a bluetooth IR thing for the PS4.

Apparently Scuf controllers use the same board as Sony’s controllers. Not paying $200 for that.

Oh and there’s a shitload of customization with the ASTRO. You can also swap the left thumb stick with the D-Pad. So it’s like a Xbox controller. That probably requires the software, that might be Windows only. So I’ll probably be lazy and use it how it comes.

Probably won’t buy it anytime soon. I put $200 in my savings instead.

Don’t buy it on eBay, it costs more. Can’t trade in my Razer Wildcat on Amazon.

I should transfer the $200 back into my checking, and buy it at Best Buy. Except, I’d probably only use it once, to make sure it works.

Don’t buy that controller, there’s some bad reviews that say it doesn’t even last a month. That’s a rip off, $200 for a controller that doesn’t even last a month.

Is that dust?

Can’t see it with my eyes. Only in that picture. I suppose I could wipe it off with a paper towel, and see if I get anything. That’s part of a can opener.

Apparently you can’t link directly to a file on Nextcloud, if you shared a folder, the URL it gets after clicking a file, doesn’t work. Some kind of JavaScript most likely.

To get the image URL to embed, I had to inspect the HTML. It would be easier to just share the one image, and the folder.

Paper towel didn’t get anything. Doesn’t really look like a reflection.

Different focus point, looks like something is growing on it. Like hair. Or metal pieces.

Is it like a microscope? I should buy one, and compare.

How did I get both hairy sides in focus? The focus point is supposed to be in the center. Only one little square in the center is set in the focus thing.

How are you supposed to know where to focus? I thought it was what you want in focus, apparently not.

On another note, the Sigma 60mm is smaller then my zoom lens. Not sure that’s a good reason to spend $239 though.

Now, I know what the loud ass beeping outside is

I had to close my window from it. Looks like it’s those shitty scooters. Beeps all day, then all night, don’t know what time it stops or if it does. I wonder how far away I can hear it beeping. Looked like some guy might be collecting the scooters.

I should complain to the city.

CORSAIR Carbide AIR 540

If I buy a new case, that’ll be the one. Is my CPU cooler not to tall? And is my video card not to long? And the power supply?

Good reason not to buy it, I’m to lazy to measure or look anything up. Also, I’m to lazy to transplant everything into a new case.