ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller - PlayStation 4

I might buy that. It's $200. The only downside is, you can't turn the PS4 on with it. No problem, my Xbox One controller can't either, I remembered my remote can, I have a bluetooth IR thing for the PS4.

Apparently Scuf controllers use the same board as Sony's controllers. Not paying $200 for that.

Oh and there's a shitload of customization with the ASTRO. You can also swap the left thumb stick with the D-Pad. So it's like a Xbox controller. That probably requires the software, that might be Windows only. So I'll probably be lazy and use it how it comes.

Probably won't buy it anytime soon. I put $200 in my savings instead.

Don't buy it on eBay, it costs more. Can't trade in my Razer Wildcat on Amazon.

I should transfer the $200 back into my checking, and buy it at Best Buy. Except, I'd probably only use it once, to make sure it works.

Don’t buy that controller, there’s some bad reviews that say it doesn’t even last a month. That’s a rip off, $200 for a controller that doesn’t even last a month.