Godox VING V850II Li-Ion Flash Kit

That's only $140, and probably has more power then my cheaper Godox, and with two, you can trigger the other one. Faster recycle times with that too, but apparently thermal cutoff if you shoot at 1/2 power for about ten shots in a row.

I get fast enough recycle time, if I don't use 1/2 power. And I don't need their special charger to charge my AA batteries.

That might get rid of the noise in interior shots with my Panasonic 12-32mm lens, that is if I use both flashes.

It's a manual lens, I use my cheaper Godox in manual mode anyways. The camera might be to stupid to pick the correct power. So I brute force it instead.

Can you not fire the flash on my camera, and only use the other one? Put it in the middle of the kitchen, pointing up. You can with a trigger, but I don't want to buy a trigger, can't Godox flashes trigger other Godox flashes? There's some slave and master mode on it.

Somebody claims you need two of everything, if you are a pro. What about if you are insane? Sounds like I need another camera body. Any rich ladies want to be my sugar mamma?

Probably won't buy anything this coming month. Just stuff I need, like toilet paper, so I can keep wiping my ass. I'll be spending $500 next month, on a CPU. Might decide to buy all the parts for another computer, except put the new CPU in the new motherboard, transfer the drives to it, and then see if my sister wants my old computer. I'll buy another good cooler, so the old computer can keep the one it has. It would probably cost at least a grand, thanks to the $500 CPU. Don't need anymore video cards, have like three extra ones. One really shitty non gaming one, might be PCIe x1 or something, one that might play games on low settings, depending on the resolution, and a much better one.

Look at the heatsinks and fan on the X570 motherboards, at least the MSI ones.