How close do you need to be for macro?

My YI 42.5mm in macro mode, can focus as close as 9.8" almost 10", the Olympus 30mm macro, can focus under 4", 3.7401575" to be exact, according to Google.

Is 6.1023625" closer worth $236.11 or $250 depending on who you buy it from? The focal length is 42.5mm, 12.5mm more then 30mm.

What's the focus distance on the 60mm macro lens? 7.4", so the YI kind of blows for macro photography. A longer lens can focus closer.

I don't go outside much, so no need for a macro lens. Or a camera.

Some of those pictures aren't tack sharp. On the review, that's a bummer for $400. Use it as a portrait dog lens. They have two dog pictures. Never knew what a strawberry looked like that close up. I wonder what my dong looks like close up, is 9.8" close enough? Might of been windy, the review said something about the wind. The 60mm is sold out on KEH. I think Olympus has it refurbished for a little over $300.

Neewer Round Universal Collapsible Magnetic Ring Flash Diffuser Soft Box 45cm/18" for Macro and Portrait Photography, that's cheaper then a flash ring. And it's huge.

What about a Magsphere, I already have one. It might make the flash work for macro, at least better then buying anything.

I want 60mm, and I don't care about macro, that means the $240 Sigma 60mm. My YI can do macro, with a shitty minimum focus distance. Don't need faster then f2.8, probably don't even need f2.8. I could just use my Olympus zoom lens. That does 60mm. But I had a Sigma 30mm, and it was a good lens. Somebody on a forum said the cheap Sigmas aren't worth buying anymore. That's cheaper then the Olympus 60mm macro lens.