I’d buy a Honor phone again

Sucks there’s no Honor 8X in the US. Did I have an Honor 8 or Honor 7? There is a 7X in the US. It was an Honor 8.

Those phones probably have spyware, because they are made in China, that’s what the government claims. The NSA has spyware too. The OnePlus 7 is also a Chinese phone.

Or maybe I wouldn’t, I forgot about their shitty custom theme.

Switching back to Android would be a pain anyways, once you get use to one OS, then using the other is a chore.

The US is a hypocrite, if Chinese are spying on US citizens, why is the NSA spying on everybody not bad?

The US isn’t a real democracy, so saying China isn’t a democracy means nothing. If the US was a democracy, Trump wouldn’t be president. I’m sure he’ll get reelected, they wanted corruption, and they got it.