If you don’t like input lag

Use Steam Link, there’s an app for the Apple TV. It’s available on Android too.

It might be limited to 1080p, changed the game to 1440p, but I don’t think it changed on the TV. Maybe my TV doesn’t do that resolution.

So, the network is fine, and that’s with powerline adapters. It said only 35 MB/s, the software in Windows, says it’s over 1000 Mbps for the powerline adapters. Either the Apple TV has shitty ethernet, or the switch over there is shit. The HDMI extender over IP, is only 100 Mbps, so if it’s slowing it down, wouldn’t it only slow other stuff down by 10 MB/s or so?

Only one person uses my network, so I doubt anything else is slowing it down. I only use one thing at a time. Computer isn’t downloading anything.

Guess those extenders are only good for video. I should sell it, or send it back to Amazon if I can. But I’m lazy, so I’ll just use it with Kodi. Useless for 4k movies, the max resolution is 1080p. and if you use 1080p, it has delay, probably encoding it to 30 FPS.