I'll take speed over a Linux phone

That's why I bought my iPhone 7, the SE was fast, but was locked to Straight Talk, to use it on a different network, you have to pay for Straight Talk, then use an adapter, the service has to be active on Straight Talk when you use the adapter. If you remove the SIM card, then you have to pay for Straight Talk again. Instead of paying for Straight Talk, I spent over $400 on an unlocked iPhone 7.

You can get it officially unlocked, if you have service long enough. Probably adds up to $400 or more.

The PinePhone will only be $150. That's a better price for a slow hardware outdated phone.

How old is the CPU on the PinePhone? Maybe the Librem 5 isn't outdated, just seems like it, cause I never heard of the CPU it has. I've heard of the PinePhone's CPU, well the brand. The WiFi sucks on the PinePhone, no 5 GHz. So I'd have to enable my 2.4 GHz channel.

I will buy the PinePhone, I want Sailfish OS, or the community WebOS.

Why would you buy the Librem 5? Is it more open then the PinePhone? PinePhone is way cheaper, you don't need to save money to buy it.

Replace my Pi security camera, with the CUBE. How much will it cost? Not available yet.

My phone is still faster then the PinePhone, buy the PINEBOOK Pro instead, it has a 1080p display. Better then cheap ass Chromebooks. Don't know how much it'll cost when/if it comes out. With an optional adapter, you can put a NVMe SSD in it. I have an old one.

Manjaro will be on the PINEBOOK Pro? Says they have a great working relationship with Manjaro. Nice, the target price is $200. It has good WiFi too, no need to enable the 2.4 GHz channel.

Yup, Manjaro will probably be for the PINEBOOK Pro, there's an ARM version for specific devices. There is a ARM version for the original PINEBOOK. Why no XFCE for ARM?