Moses and Akhenaten are the same person

Not surprising. Isn't Akhenaten the God people could talk to with a certain drug? The government or military in some country, had psychics all take the drug, and they all got the same message.

Magic mushrooms or something. They wouldn't all get the same message, if they were hallucinating. How can they all hallucinate the same thing?

Except, how is Akhenaten God? Moses wasn't God. He just got tablets from God.

Just watch Mummies Unwrapped. I have enough evidence to know Moses and Akhenaten were the same person.

The God the psychics talked to, maybe it wasn't Akhenaten, their name started with an A though. They were an Egyptian pharaoh.

What drug did they use? And what country is it legal in? I'll get a one way plane ticket to that country. No visa, so it might be a challenge.

There's a newer drug for depression, that is similar to what they used. You take it at the clinic. They don't let you take it home. People would sell it. Or abuse it.