Nice, I don't need a new blu-ray drive

I can flash firmware for a different drive, that is UHD friendly.

The program they say to use, is Windows. Boohoo.

If I passthrough the device to Windows, can I use the program? Probably not, only if you passthrough a SATA controller.

I found software that works in Linux, but for LG drives, might not work. I'll try dumping my firmware with it.

It dumped something.

Devilsclaw's LG Renesas Drive Utility
cmd_drive: Opening Drive: /dev/cdrom.
cmd_flashfirm: Flashing process started
firm_flasher: Drive should be flashing its light.
firm_flasher: This indicates its flashing its self.
firm_flasher: This can take a while, Please be patiant.
firm_flasher: Failed to write at 0x001F8000
firm_flasher: your drive should still be fine.
cmd_flashfirm: Flashing process failed

Going to try running it in VMware Player. Some flashed ASUS flasher for cross flashing. Will probably end up downloading the Windows 7 PE.

Says updating failure 1.

Flashing the firmware I dumped, and it's doing something. How do I modify the other firmware to be flashable?

Won't open now. Probably have to reboot. After I put Windows 7 PE on a flash drive. Use WoeUSB.

Downloading Hiren's BootCD PE. No USB working in Windows 7 PE. MediCat might be better, where's the download link? 15 GB?

Downloading the Mini Windows 10, it's around 8 GB. All I need, is to be able to run a flasher.

Not booting Windows on bare metal, mess up activation, and it probably won't boot anyways, I'd have to reinstall it again.

If Mega doesn't let me download it all, I have to use a VPN, but the liberty software doesn't work. Or download from Google.

Oh yeah, I had to turn my computer off, to get the drive to open again. Drive still works.

Nice, 5 GB limit on Mega, and Google says quota exceeded, and I tried adding it to my drive. That rick doesn't work anymore. Looks like Hiren's it is.

Hopefully it has EFI, so I don't need to enable legacy booting, like I did for the Windows 7 PE. WoeUSB might of failed on the EFI part. Nope, the EFI folder in the ISO is empty.

Hiren's boot CD PE won't work, says to enable .NET, copied various .NET from my Windows install, and now it doesn't say anything, just doesn't open.

Downloading mini Windows 10, from the MediCat person. Have to use Bittorrent, no other way to download it.

Think I'll go to bed now.

I had to get the torrent from the bay site.

Nope, won't work, the program opened, but same error. Apparently the drive needs to be from 2015+, the firmware on mine is 2013. So I'll have to buy a new drive. At least it should be easy to downgrade. The review on Amazon, must be old, because you shouldn't need to do anything special to downgrade, other then using the patched program. And the provided firmware.

Use mini Windows 10, if you want .NET to work. VMware Player might work, if you have a newer drive.