Nice, I shouldn't need a new motherboard for the new AMD Ryzen 3rd gen CPUs

My motherboard is on this list. List of MSI boards that'll work with the new CPUs. I have the B350 TOMAHAWK.

And there's a beta bios with support. There wasn't when I checked earlier. Except, it says the release date was the 21st. Guess they didn't update their site yet.

The new CPUs come out next month. The $500 12 core 24 thread, should work with my cooler, think what I read said 105 watts, that's what the 2700X uses, and that's compatible with my cooler. I won't buy a new cooler, or use the one it might come with. I like mine.

Yup, 105 watts, according to AMD. The 3700X uses less power then my current CPU. But I want more threads, that should give 4k encoding a boost.

Will the new GPUs support h.265 4k encoding? And will HandBrake add support?

That's easier then replacing the CPU. I can do that with the case standing up. Unplugging everything is a pain. There's a shitload of stuff plugged into it.

MSI do not recommend updating the BIOS unless it is necessary
Do not update the BIOS when using the cpu listed below.

On the bios update. Mine is a 1700. First gen with the lovely Linux all thread compiling bug.

I'll only update my bios if I get a new CPU.

They come out in July.

Intel, would of forced you to buy a new motherboard by now.

Will the GPUs support virtualization? So you don't have to passthrough the card? Not really needed anymore, doesn't work in Linux, not worth touching with a 100 foot pole.