I bet whatever is after UHD won’t be easy to crack

The only reason UHD is rip-able, is there’s a method to downgrade the firmware on drives.

So unless they screw up again, you probably won’t be ripping whatever is next.

Are the other Thor movies available in UHD?

How are they getting the needed keys to un-encrypt the movies? Can’t imagine they are brute forcing it, that would be a long ass process. Until whatever replaces computers happens. Then they will use quantum encryption.

I should buy a new movies drive, 10 TB might be enough. I do plan on encoding it though. That’ll probably take hours, hours to rip, then hours to encode.

Like cold food?

Order Red Robin online, then go pick it up. Once you get home, it’ll probably be cold.

I’ll go to Fatburger next time, just as good, and it’s hot. Might not be as crowded as Red Robin. I wonder if you can order on the phone. Otherwise, you have to wait 20 minutes for them to cook your food, the reason it’s hot.

Also, Red Robin put tiny patties on my double burger. I thought it was going to be bigger, nope.

Got a Blu-ray burner + enclosure for it + smartwatch

The smartwatch is charging. Just flashed the burner in my enclosure, using a Windows 10 VM. Don’t use the /dev/sr1 or whatever, just attach the USB. If you have a shitload of USB stuff, turn the enclosure off, then on, and look in dmesg.

Need to install the smartwatch software.

ASUS Computer International Direct Blu-Ray Writer BW-16D1HT
Vantec NST-536S3-BK NexStar DX USB 3.0 External Enclosure for SATA Blu-Ray/CD/DVD Drive All Black

The smartwatch is the Amazfit Bip.

If you are wondering, yes it can read UHD discs now. It’ll take an hour or so to rip Thor: RAGNAROK.

I used the software from here. The one with a bunch of different firmware and the modified ASUS flasher. I used the “DE_ASUS_BW-16D1HT_3.02.bin” firmware.

The drive might of been a returned one. There was no seal on the box.

The enclosure is overpriced, it should come with 10 screws, not 6. I lost one, because I couldn’t get it to go in. Then I realized to attach the back, so the metal thing doesn’t slide, you need a long skinny screw, like the ones it came with. So I unscrewed the two black ones, and used some computer screws I have. A bunch of different screws, used those to secure the drive.

Apparently, you have to charge the watch, before you can find it by bluetooth.

Got the watch to work, used Mi Fit. No idea why you’d need AmazTools, I changed the watch face using Mi Fit, it’s 12 hour time format now, the reviews say it isn’t by default. Don’t believe the people that say to use AmazTools to change the watch face, Mi Fit does it just fine, and it actually finds the watch.

Stealing cars is easy in Saints Row: The Third

Just pay 17 grand or so, for the wipe police notoriety, just open the phone, and call the Police Forgiveness, right after you enter the target vehicle.

No more getting the vehicle destroyed before I get to the chop shop. Once, it was on fire when I got there, said they didn’t want burning vehicles.

I wasn’t sure if that would really work.

You know what will happen when Trump reincarnates?

He’ll be a baby, and never grow up, he’ll look and act like a baby forever. He won’t ever learn how to talk, cause he’ll be a baby. His new parents will die, and somebody else will have to change his diaper.

Or maybe he’ll reincarnate as a cockroach. With a tiny little hat that says “Make America Great Again”.

You can’t say Comcast is a criminal if you don’t support internet regulation

That’s what some guy I had breakfast with said, that Comcast is a criminal, yet he’s against Net Neutrality. That was regulating it so Comcast couldn’t be a dick. Didn’t really have anything in it to prevent them from charging you way to much.

If there’s no regulation, they aren’t a criminal.

Librem VPN app sucks

It’s probably keeping my data on, which is draining the battery. I should go to bed with more then 50% battery left. That won’t happen with Librem VPN.

What about the official OpenVPN app? I have the credentials in Linux.

Looks like, I need Windows to get the .ovpn file in the App. Not sending it by email.

Rebooting my iPhone, didn’t get iTunes to see it again. Now rebooting the Windows VM.

Yup, Windows crapped itself. It can see it again. I suppose if there’s an iTunes related service, I could of restarted that instead.

Close iTunes, and restart the “Apple Mobile Device Service” service.

What is the password? Doesn’t say. Even in the NetworkManager config file. Found the password, looked in Passwords and Keys.

How long does it take to connect? There we go, had to remove the ‘ before and after the server, then reimport it.

Might not of needed to import the certificate into iOS. Pretty sure, I tried adding the cert file to OpenVPN under File Sharing in iTunes. Said it couldn’t open the file.

It can connect without it. Might not be as secure though.

You could just use the config from here. Guess it doesn’t need a certificate file. How come Linux gets one?

Their app might be fine, the Mail app was using a lot of battery. The official OpenVPN app might use less battery then the Librem One Tunnel app though.

Xcode in Linux?

There’s a project called Darling, which will be like Wine, but for macOS.

I forgot all about that.

Xcode in Linux, means you might be able to make iOS apps in Linux, no mac required.

Saints Row: The Third crashed yet again

I was doing a mission, at the end, then it crashed. Should see if I can save during the mission. I probably have to start that mission over now.

So their Linux version likes crashing during missions. That’s a bummer.

I can play for a long time not doing a mission. Guess you aren’t supposed to do the missions. But I wanted the new safe house. Now I’ll have to do it again. Not hard, cause it’s on easy, and I already leveled up or whatever it’s called in this game.

I doubt the Switch version crashes this much. Don’t know how to get my save on it though. If the save isn’t in the same format, then you’d need to read it, and convert it to the Switch version.

Beat the mission. Looks like before doing a mission, you have to save, and restart the game. That’ll be a pain in the ass, if you do mission after mission. I prefer to take out gang operations, and buy stuff. If I got 50k, I could actually buy everything. I probably already spent more then that. Or maybe not, to lazy to add it up. I get 20k or so every hour. No idea what the game time is. It’s easier to do missions, if you buy lots of upgrades. I did all the assassination jobs, the easiest way to get a helicopter, is by paying 17 grand or so, to have the ability to call to get a combat helicopter. I parked it on the helipad at the new safe house. So I don’t need to call to get it now. Might of already added it, didn’t check after getting that upgrade.

The weird flying thing I have, didn’t get him to come out. No idea where helicopters are in the game.

Might of fixed the driving, set the in game sensitivity to 0, and increased the sensitivity for the touchpad in the controller settings. Aiming doesn’t jump around anymore. Driving vehicles might be easier, not sure about motorcycles.

I do wonder, if my HDMI extender over IP, has v-sync on it. If it does, they should give you the option to turn it off. I’ll take tearing over v-sync anyday.

Librem One VPN is slow

I’m guessing Private Internet Access is too. It was fine at first, but I have to keep changing the VPN server on my iPhone.

Don’t know if changing “california” to something else in the VPN gateway on my computer would work. Maybe it’s just the iPhone app.

I’m to lazy to go to Private Internet Access’s site to see a list of servers.

I don’t leave the VPN on, on my computer. I’d need to enable a firewall if doing that, even though I can’t access it from my phone on the same server. It’s still to risky for paranoid people. After my experience with NordVPN. I could access my router’s config from my cell data, if on the same VPN server.

The download speed is fine on my desktop, but the ping is 169ms.

And it drains my iPhone’s battery. Down to 54%. Yesterday, I got it down to less than 20%.