That dump might not of been runny

Maybe a little. Looks like I can’t consume lactose anymore.

That means, I don’t need probiotics then. If they don’t cure the lactose laxative problem, then there’s no point in buying it anymore.

Damn, they didn’t lie

My Blu-ray reader drive can’t read UHD. Just like they said, it’s to old. I put in the non UHD disc in, and it can read that.

I might get a new drive soon. It’ll only work if the firmware is old enough, or I can flash it.

Is mini Windows 10 legal?

GBAtemp allows linking to it. So it’s probably legal. I should upload it to my cloud, that is Nextcloud. Except, uploading 8 GB using HTTPS would be a painful thing to do. The server probably isn’t configured for 8 GB uploads.

Install a torrent client, and share it that way.

Newegg has a Ryzen laptop for $449.99

That’s a good price, 8 GB of RAM, don’t know if it’s dual channel. A working display, it’s actually 1080p.

To bad I might of already bought some stuff. Will it go on sale again next month?

Librem One uses Private Internet Access

Got liberty to work in Manjaro, don’t put in the username, then you need to run “sudo ln -s /usr/lib/NetworkManager/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/NetworkManager”, so it can find the library.

Looking in NetworkManager, clicking the VPN, for the gateway, it is “”.

Can I change that? Also, I should cancel Librem One, and switch to Private Internet Access directly. There’s more then 1,000 people using it. That’s a bummer.

Or not, Librem One is cheaper, if you pay monthly, if you pay yearly, Private Internet Access might be cheaper. Librem One is slightly more yearly. Not enough to care, and monthly it’s two dollars less.

Your ISP: PIA You are protected by PIA

After running nmcli con up id VPNName.

How do I know if other people on the server can access my computer? Enabling a firewall might solve that.

Can’t ping myself from my phone. I’ll try using LTE instead of WiFi. Nope, can’t ping myself. Can I access UniFi on my phone with the VPN IP? Not the server’s IP, the IP it gave me.

Haha, the AP disconnected from my phone, thanks to the VPN.

Nope, doesn’t look like that works. A VPN that is actually secure, non like NordVPN.

It uses OpenVPN, so it might work on my router, giving the VPN access to as many devices as I want.

Here you go. Funny, that’s the first search result, Google might be looking at my IP. Good reason to not use Google. Where’s the OpenVPN config file?

And how come I can access the router? Oh, different VLAN. So I need the “route add mask gw” line. With different IPs of course. Why doesn’t period work in NetworkManager? Maybe that’s not the right place. But it says address.

I was in the IPv6 config, I needed IPv4. And click routes, don’t add a static IP.

Pinging must be blocked in the router. It shows up in UniFi now. Ha, the VPN is off, or not working. Don’t check use only to access resources on it’s network. Unless you don’t want your internet to go through it. Thought that was for the route. I clearly don’t know what I’m doing, I never will.

Must not work with a different VLAN. I tried my computer’s IP, and the router’s IP, for the gateway. They are in a different subnet, I’m not giving my computer an IP in the wireless VLAN.

There we go, I fixed it, by manually adding a route using ip route.

ip route add 192.168.x.0/24 via 192.168.x.1 dev bridge0

Looks like NetworkManager doesn’t work with routes, tried adding the route to the bridge0 interface and it didn’t work. Am I supposed to add it to the slave?

Works, had to run nmcli con up “bridge slave”.

Nice, Librem One day one security hole

Apparently it allowed anyone to access any account in the chat. My chat is empty, so it was probably a blast if somebody got access to it.

I don’t really care if they use rebranded open source software. I just wanted their VPN. I do have encrypted email now, only on my computer, no PGP for iOS.

A different VPN could be cheaper, but probably has more then around a thousand users, that means less bandwidth for me. Except, they usually have a ton of servers. I still like a mostly empty service.

Did everybody connect to Seattle? The internet on my phone slowed down. Had to switch the location. One server can’t handle over 1,000 connections? They might want to fix that.


Who cares about the Epic Store

It’s Windows only. Useless if you use Linux. Borderlands 3 on the PC will be Windows only.

Don’t care about Rocket League┬« either. Really is a lame soccer game, but with cars. Now if they added people, and the ability to get out of your car, it might be fun, just run em over. Might as well add streaking too, then I won’t be in a car, I’ll be streaking, getting ran over constantly.

Good idea, play Saints Row: The Third.

Another runny dump

Looks like I’ll be taking a runny dump every night now.

Would be cheaper to use somebody else’s bathroom, then you use their toilet paper. They might get mad if you go to their house just to take a runny dump though.

Earthworm Jim 3

You’ll need a Intellivision Amico to play it. Must of missed that, or didn’t care, cause I don’t remember that console being announced.

I should buy the Intellivision Amico just for Earthworm Jim 3.

It’s a retro system. And it’ll be under $200. Sucks, you have to buy games, and no adult games, it’s family oriented.

Interesting looking controller. Probably a PITA to use.


LG 24UD58-B 24-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync

That was $220 earlier today, I read an article about it, now it’s $218.90, on Amazon.

Does it look as good as my 1440p BenQ? And do the colors look the same on both sides?

Funny how they say for serious gaming, you need less then 5ms response time. I don’t know what my monitor is, I have no issues. I used to have a 10+ms monitor, games worked on that too.

You might get really bad backlight bleed. Apparently that can happen with any IPS monitor, according to a comment.

I don’t like returning stuff, so I might pass on it.

There’s an ASUS for $300.

Apparently the Philips for $260, has a better picture then the LG. But it’s 27″, not sure there’s enough room for a bigger monitor.

BenQ has one for over $300. It has HDR.

Why doesn’t AOC have a small cheap 4k monitor? They don’t on Amazon. AOC and BenQ are the best brand of monitors I’ve had. BenQ is slightly better, but for the price AOC is great.

Is Provantage really a AOC authorized seller? Cause AOC’s site doesn’t list it, it’s a little cheaper then the Philips, it’s 27″.

I may of bought a Blu-ray burner and a enclosure instead. If the enclosure supports flashing, then I might not need to use my Windows 10 mini flash drive. Otherwise, I’ll have to put the drive in my computer.