Is SVT-HEVC faster then HandBrake?

SVT-AV1 is slow on a Threadripper, according to some benchmark I saw, around 30 FPS, and that’s 1080p.

Oh wait, that benchmark for SVT-HEVC, was only 1080p. I need to know the 4k FPS. My CPU won’t get the same speed as a Threadripper.

8k encoding using SVT-HEVC requires 64 GB of RAM.

Godox VING V850II Li-Ion Flash Kit

That’s only $140, and probably has more power then my cheaper Godox, and with two, you can trigger the other one. Faster recycle times with that too, but apparently thermal cutoff if you shoot at 1/2 power for about ten shots in a row.

I get fast enough recycle time, if I don’t use 1/2 power. And I don’t need their special charger to charge my AA batteries.

That might get rid of the noise in interior shots with my Panasonic 12-32mm lens, that is if I use both flashes.

It’s a manual lens, I use my cheaper Godox in manual mode anyways. The camera might be to stupid to pick the correct power. So I brute force it instead.

Can you not fire the flash on my camera, and only use the other one? Put it in the middle of the kitchen, pointing up. You can with a trigger, but I don’t want to buy a trigger, can’t Godox flashes trigger other Godox flashes? There’s some slave and master mode on it.

Somebody claims you need two of everything, if you are a pro. What about if you are insane? Sounds like I need another camera body. Any rich ladies want to be my sugar mamma?

Probably won’t buy anything this coming month. Just stuff I need, like toilet paper, so I can keep wiping my ass. I’ll be spending $500 next month, on a CPU. Might decide to buy all the parts for another computer, except put the new CPU in the new motherboard, transfer the drives to it, and then see if my sister wants my old computer. I’ll buy another good cooler, so the old computer can keep the one it has. It would probably cost at least a grand, thanks to the $500 CPU. Don’t need anymore video cards, have like three extra ones. One really shitty non gaming one, might be PCIe x1 or something, one that might play games on low settings, depending on the resolution, and a much better one.

Look at the heatsinks and fan on the X570 motherboards, at least the MSI ones.

Europeans may of came to the “new world” before the Vikings

Watch the third episode of Mummies Unwrapped. I waited so long to start watching it, that the first two episodes went from DVR to VOD. VOD and you can’t skip commercials.

Should probably watch the rest of them before it goes to VOD.

Most of the tombs were looted. They need to find a relic to know where they came from. They found a tomb in a cave, in a hard to reach area, they had to descend a waterfall to get to it. No relics, not looted, just water probably washed stuff away.

I heard about that show on Expedition Unknown.

VPS upgraded

Looks like it needed more RAM. Well, it did when a shitload of bots were accessing this site everyday. I didn’t post for 5 or more days, and the traffic went down.

Nice, generating thumbnails doesn’t kill everything on the VPS.

Mcoplus MK-P-AF3-A 10mm 16mm Automatic Extension Tube for Olympus Panasonic Micro 4/3 System Camera

Buy the MEIKE, it is most likely exactly the same, and slightly cheaper. I did see the review that mentioned MEIKE, probably before I bought it.

It works, but if you use both tubes, and the Olympus 40-150mm @ 40mm, you have to be really close, less in the frame then using it at 62mm.

That’s a budget macro 62mm lens. I probably won’t buy the Sigma, it’s pointless, the Olympus is fine. Probably is way better outside. The pictures are still uploading.

There’s detail that isn’t on my YI 42.5mm in macro mode. So the extension tubes were worth $30.

Now waiting for the server, to generate the thumbnails. I did email BuyVM, asking to upgrade to the $15 a month plan. Then I can peg the one core 24/7.

You can see the pictures taken with it here. The boxes obviously weren’t taken with the tubes. No medium size image, so to much work to embed it any here. Look at the last two, that’s at 40mm, so if you want to be super zoomed in, use a lower focal length. Must have to be closer. How will 12mm work? I have a Panasonic 12-32mm.

There’s more detail at 40mm. Less in focus too. Trying to find the right distance blows. Even without the tubes, that lens is picky. Won’t focus if to close.

There was no seal on the box. Probably got sold another open box item again. I’m to lazy to send anything back.

Nope, the YI has detail too. Just more bokeh on the Olympus lens + tubes.

Why doesn’t Olympus sell official extension tubes? They’d make a fortune, unless they overcharged, which they would. In that case, MEIKE will make a fortune. I don’t see the point in a macro lens now. The tubes work just fine.

If you want more in focus, use focus stacking. I’m to lazy to do so. Need to go outside, nothing small other then my dong to take pictures of inside. And that would be very difficult with a 40-150mm zoom lens, it’s huge. Good luck zooming in to 62mm, and being far enough away.

Only your first 10,000 photos are bad, and your next 10,000 aren’t much better? I have over 20,000 files in my pics folder. That includes the RAW files. That means all my pictures aren’t very good. It’ll take a long time to get 30,000 pictures, especially if the RAW file doesn’t count as a separate image.

The only way to play games in Qubes OS

Is GPU passthrough. Which is a bummer, as I’d switch to it. I don’t want two video cards in my computer anymore.

If I had integrated video, I could use it. Don’t think the new CPUs will have integrated video, not till APUs come out. Probably won’t be a 24 thread APU.

Nice top left screen flicker on iPhone 7

Somebody described it as an “afterimage”. I didn’t know what to call it, so I searched for “iPhone 7 upper left screen”, and found something about flickering.

Other iPhones get that too. Probably did it as soon as I got it. Guess they failed to fix the refurbished phone. Changing the wallpaper might fix it, till it starts randomly doing it again. Usually when I’m swiping on the home screen, it does it, but not always.

Somebody took it to Apple, and they didn’t know why it was doing it. Some got the screen replaced, that didn’t fix it either. If it’s hardware, it’s probably something on the board.

I’m to lazy to see if my phone is still under warranty, and I’m way to lazy to go to the Apple store.

I’m leaning towards hardware problem. Not all iPhones do it, my SE didn’t, or I don’t remember it doing it. Don’t think my iPad does it either.

If it’s a software bug, it’s an odd bug. Oh wait, they might use different displays on some iPhones, even the same model. I suppose it could be software then, bad settings for the screen.

I’ll take speed over a Linux phone

That’s why I bought my iPhone 7, the SE was fast, but was locked to Straight Talk, to use it on a different network, you have to pay for Straight Talk, then use an adapter, the service has to be active on Straight Talk when you use the adapter. If you remove the SIM card, then you have to pay for Straight Talk again. Instead of paying for Straight Talk, I spent over $400 on an unlocked iPhone 7.

You can get it officially unlocked, if you have service long enough. Probably adds up to $400 or more.

The PinePhone will only be $150. That’s a better price for a slow hardware outdated phone.

How old is the CPU on the PinePhone? Maybe the Librem 5 isn’t outdated, just seems like it, cause I never heard of the CPU it has. I’ve heard of the PinePhone’s CPU, well the brand. The WiFi sucks on the PinePhone, no 5 GHz. So I’d have to enable my 2.4 GHz channel.

I will buy the PinePhone, I want Sailfish OS, or the community WebOS.

Why would you buy the Librem 5? Is it more open then the PinePhone? PinePhone is way cheaper, you don’t need to save money to buy it.

Replace my Pi security camera, with the CUBE. How much will it cost? Not available yet.

My phone is still faster then the PinePhone, buy the PINEBOOK Pro instead, it has a 1080p display. Better then cheap ass Chromebooks. Don’t know how much it’ll cost when/if it comes out. With an optional adapter, you can put a NVMe SSD in it. I have an old one.

Manjaro will be on the PINEBOOK Pro? Says they have a great working relationship with Manjaro. Nice, the target price is $200. It has good WiFi too, no need to enable the 2.4 GHz channel.

Yup, Manjaro will probably be for the PINEBOOK Pro, there’s an ARM version for specific devices. There is a ARM version for the original PINEBOOK. Why no XFCE for ARM?