Steam Link app now available on iOS, a year after initially being rejected by App Store | – The Independent Video Game Community

Last year, Valve released the Steam Link app for mobile, allowing users to stream their PC games to their phone or tablet. Except, a week prior to the…
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Finally. Does the Steam Controller work with it? I’ll install it on my Apple TV.

Guess I didn’t need my HDMI extender over IP. I’ll still use it for Kodi.

The Steam Controller works, didn’t play a game yet. Trying to figure out why xscreensaver won’t shutoff the monitor, if I wake it up, and exit the login prompt. Google is useless. Just bump the keyboard tray, and the monitor will be blank forever, not off. Chromium is most likely keeping it awake, just like somebody said on Google.

That would explain why the monitor is off when I wake up and Chromium isn’t running. Oh wait, maybe not, as I closed Chromium earlier, and when I got back, the monitor wasn’t off. Does Steam keep the monitor on?

It’s Steam, closed Chromium but not Steam, monitor wouldn’t turn off, closed Steam, and monitor turned off. Now I have to close Steam when not in use. That’s a bummer. The easiest way if it’s on my TV, is by running killall -9 steam. That’s better then turning the TV on.

Link updated to the actual article, not their homepage. Apparently sharing it in iOS, just gave it a link to the homepage, not the article.