They don’t appear to sell the straws for my Simple Modern bottle

Not on the Simple Modern site. The only accessories are lids. But that’s a good idea, switch to a chug lid, no straw needed. Might make a mess on my face, since I’ll forget there’s no straw.

They do have straws on their site, just search for straws. Six dollars for four straws. It’d be cheaper to cut the one I found, that is to long. It’s not as fat either, but it didn’t fall out. Just couldn’t close the lid with it.

Those straws don’t mention my bottle.

And I can’t cut the straw I found, didn’t sound good when I was about to with scissors, probably bust the entire straw.

I put the straw in some soapy water. Cup isn’t tall enough though, I’ll have to flip the straw. Might be to late for that to work. Unless I leave it in the water for 12 hours.

Don’t buy the chug, it’ll leak, even if the reviews say it doesn’t. Sometimes when shaking mine, it leaks, that’s with the straw lid.

You might get mold too. I probably would, I only rinse my straw lid out now. There could be mold in it, that I can’t see. That’s healthy.

There was something on the lid, might be drink mix. Or mold. Should get a bottle cleaning brush, using a sponge blows. The only way to clean the bottle is with soapy water, without a brush.