TV looks better

But not exactly like my monitor. Probably would have to change the advanced settings, but seeing as I don’t know what those settings are, I wouldn’t know which one to change.

And Steam compresses it, there’s lost detail on the TV. My HDMI extender over IP obviously compresses the video too, it’s only 100 Mbps. How much bandwidth does 720p HDMI use? Probably more then 100 Mbps.

The only point in any HDMI extender, is if you are plugging something that isn’t a computer into it.

I had to change the color to warm, and increase the color setting, and decrease the brightness and backlight.

Increasing color probably isn’t “realistic”, but that’s how my monitor looks.

Oh yeah, and game mode, decreases the image quality. Funny, earlier I didn’t even have that turned on, on the Apple TV input.

That’s the easiest way to make your TV look better, make it almost match a BenQ monitor. Every BenQ monitor I’ve seen looks good. Even my cheap under $100 refurbished one. This one is only 24″ I think, and it probably cost more then my shitty 27″ Dell. A bigger monitor won’t necessarily look better. If I paid $400 for the 27″ monitor, it might look as good.