Worst toilet seats ever

Or worst maintenance guy ever. The lid fell off, I grabbed it the first time, then it fell again, onto the floor. One of the screws came out, probably wasn't properly screwed on. First the screw fell on the floor, so tried screwing it back in, but couldn't fully secure it with a screwdriver, while putting it on the toilet, the screw fell in the toilet.

Well the lid is on, just don't put your back on it at all, not even slightly. You can't touch it at all, the stupid thing will fall off.

I don't know if you are supposed to flush screws down the toilet, so I stuck my hand in there to get it out.

Will the inspection person notice the missing screw? I could tell the office, but I'm lazy.

If I had a powered screwdriver, I could fix it myself most likely. I'll see if I can borrow my mom's. The screw should be dry by then.