Super Mario Maker 2

I’d buy that game. What firmware does it require? I won’t make anything, I’ll just download other people’s stuff. Or make really bizarre ones.

There’s a way to get other people’s courses in your save file, so no need to connect to Nintendo.

That game might be worth money someday. If they make a new Pikmin game, I’ll buy that too. That game is fun.

They should port the Wii U Pikmin 3 to the Switch. So I don’t need a Switch to play it.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 that looks like Minecraft. Will there be a Linux version? Looks like there’s vehicles in it, so you don’t have to slowly walk places, or fly places. The only other system on GameStop is PS4. Don’t have any friends, so don’t really need online anyways.

The new UFO show might be a disinformation campaign by the US government

That was his job, a counter intelligence officer.

So it’s doubtful he quit his job. He’s just giving people more false information.

That’ll be the biggest disinformation campaign yet.

He might also be collecting info, to see what people know. To see if they know anything true.

It’s not July 4th yet

And some bozos are already launching fireworks.

I personally won’t celebrate anything for the US. This isn’t a democracy. And also, a bunch of people died for independent day, you should be mourning not celebrating.

The US would be better, if we didn’t win. Or not. All the world governments are hiding stuff from their people.

Goldleaf how to install more then one or two things at a time

Easy, unplug the USB cable from the Switch after it’s done, then install another. That beats waiting for it to reboot. It’s on the third NSP doing that.

Copying to the SD card might work too. But I’d have to split some of them. And then you need double the space.

Might be a problem with my cable or where it’s plugged in. It’s plugged into the front of one of my external drives, it crashes the Switch plugged into my hub too.

More likely an odd bug. That every single installer has.

Onto the fourth one, without rebooting.

Onto the fifth one, still no crash. Maybe my USB port is bugged. Might need to be plugged into the rear, there might be a USB C port open, you’d need an adapter, or a C-C cable.

ADATA ED600 USB3.1 Tool-Free Easy Swap IP54 Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof 2.5inch SSD and Hard Drive Enclosure (AED600-U31-CBK) how is that rugged? Looks like cheap plastic. Cheaper then a non rugged enclosure, which is cheaper then the better rugged enclosure. I’d put a Crucial SSD in it. ADATA SSD might be to risky, if my SD card dies, and then the SSD dies, I have zero pictures. That’s assuming I go on vacation. Otherwise, it’ll just collect dust.

They claim they get 250 MB/s with a USB 2 enclosure, nope the max will be around 40 MB/s, so they are a liar. I’ll probably buy it, because it’s only $12. But not in stock till July 5th, that’s a bummer. I’ll be putting a cheap Crucial SSD in it.

Oh and the Switch finally crashed. Installing the last NSP in the list. There’s more though. At least two more after this one.

Better then SX OS, you got to put your jiggy in, and your dongle in, if you reboot. No need to do anything when rebooting Atmosphere. It’s like magic.

Done installing for tonight. Just need to see if one game opens. The last game I was playing. It opened. And only 81.4 GB free.

I need to buy a bunch of Switch games. I like collecting games. I have more 3DS games. Not hard to beat though. Game demos are a rip off, you don’t get a cartridge.

If somebody asks if you are gay

Say “You wish, then we’d have something in common.”.

If a woman asks you, say “Sure if you give me a sex change.”.

Is that what she was asking me? I didn’t hear what she said, so I’ll just assume.

Now if she wanted my phone number, it’s not hard to find, at least my Google Voice number. You could always ask the office lady. I wonder if she’d give my number to somebody requesting it. Maybe.

emuMMC is stable now?

Black screen when booting with Hekate.

Last thing to try, is my smaller Lexar micro SD card. Either my card isn’t supported, or it’s defective, or the free CFW is defective. Might be the card, it’s slow at mounting it. And there’s sector errors in dmesg.

There is a bug on their Git, that might be related.

The game I bought is done downloading finally.

Nope, not the SD card, still black screen.

Redownloaded Atmosphere, in case it’s corrupt.

You know why it doesn’t work?


It can’t boot the sysNAND.

Might be stuck at the Switch logo. Not stuck, just slow.

{ }

Use that to boot it, what I had before. Tinfoil crashed, trying to do USB install, it crashes the Switch. Not corrupted. Not the Tinfoil made by the dick, who used the name of an existing homebrew installer.

Updating to 7.0.1.

If you boot with just the payload and kip1patch, it’ll be slow, and apparently won’t shutdown right. Oops, what happens if you enable Auto RCM in emuMMC? I forgot to disable it. Maybe nothing, since it can’t touch the eMMC.

Maybe, you can only install one game at a time. It’s installing one NSP. After rebooting into 7.0.1.

Guess sigpatches don’t full work in emuMMC. Cause it crashed on trying to install another one.

The one game I installed works, after I installed the update. Didn’t download anything from Nintendo. So you install, reboot, install, and so on. I guess the NSP installers are unreliable on emuMMC. So the people only tested launching games, not installing.

Downloading the sigpatches from here. Maybe that’ll work. If not, I can always try Kosmos which is on that link. But that’s based on what I’m using.

How is it not fully turning off stable? Have to keep holding the power button for a long ass time. Won’t go into RCM.

Probably the exact same patches. Cause it crashed again.

Maybe network install works better. Does Tinfoil work on the TV? Just got to get the IP on the router for it. It can’t connect to the WiFi, it doesn’t do WPA enterprise. Not setting up another SSID with the WPA it supports, then I’d have to remember to turn it off. It’s blocked from the internet. Yes it does, it’s installing something. And it closed because of an error.

Network install is even less reliable. Is there an installer that works with emuMMC?

Instead of installing one game at a time, then waiting for it to reboot, I’ll just play Elex.

Going to try the other Goldleaf, 0.5, instead of the modified 0.6. The 0.6 isn’t even on the Goldleaf Git, it’s just provided by Fluffy. I’ll be using a different USB installer.

I installed two things with Goldleaf 0.5 by USB before it crashed the Switch. Damn, I was hoping I’d get to three.


Does that work with Proton? If not, is there a PS4 version?

Looks like it does.

Is the digital PS4 version $20 too? I’m not a fan of buying Windows games. Damn, $60.

Looks like I’d have to buy the disc version, if I don’t want to spend $60 for the PS4 version.

I bought the PC version, I don’t want to wait. It’s around 20 GB.

Looks like a cool game, but it’s laggy. I think I read you have to use an older Proton, can you do that on a game basis or do you have to do it for all games? I think I can with Lutris.

Yup, you can force a specific version. On a game basis.

Once you get to the place the guy you try attacking takes you to, click L by a guard, it opens the computer thing. They tell you to stop messing with that thing. Apparently they don’t like tech there.

Maybe I should join a different faction, but I’m lazy.

Oh yeah, don’t use an old Proton, it runs worse, even after I lowered the settings more. Runs fine in the newest Proton now, with the lower settings. Something I read said something about reloading your game to make it run better. Or maybe that was a different game.

Super Neptunia RPG

I should buy that for the Switch. I may be downloading the demo, the keyword is may.

The Switch has no censorship, like the PS4. Looks like a JRPG. I like the music in the video on Amazon. Where can I buy that music? Was it English? I couldn’t understand it, but that applies to most music. Singing is usually hard to understand.

Apparently it doesn’t run good on the Switch. That’s a bummer, guess I won’t buy it then.

Don’t repair your emuMMC with the new Hekate

I had to use testdisk to get my other partition back, and now I have to restore my emuNAND again. The second partition is gone, after using testdisk.

I thought it was supposed to be stable. Linux said the device couldn’t be found when trying to mount it.

Here’s the bug. And I could of fixed it without testdisk. Just downloaded the with the fix.

Remaking the emuMMC using Hekate. Then I’ll restore all my save files, and upgrade it, using the homebrew upgrader of course.

And still a black screen, after the logo. Maybe it’s the sigpatches. Now, no Nintendo logo, just a black screen.