Don’t bother with emuMMC

Updated it, was trying to get it to crash less. Well, got it booted, tried installing stuff with Tinfoil, froze, couldn’t see the error. Clicked a power button and it rebooted.

But now it’s stuck at the Nintendo logo. Looks like I’ll have to restore my emuMMC backup yet again.

I’ll just turn it off and wait for the next release with better emuMMC.

Maybe it needs to be formatted. Re-dding the emuMMC does the same thing, but not to the partition with a bunch of files. Maybe the updated emuMMC I compiled, has issues.

My SD card might have issues. How much is a new one? That is 200 GB or more. Don’t remember exactly how big this one is. It’s 256 GB. The price must of went down, around $40. I paid $70 for the one I have. It’s a cheaper brand, doubt it’s fake, just not very good. Except, SX OS worked fine with it. There’s an I/O error when running dmesg, not sure it’s the SD card. I ran fsck.vfat on it. Still not booting.

There’s an issue, that if you boot emuMMC shutdown, and try to boot the sysNAND, it freezes at the Nintendo logo. I wonder if my problem is related, it’s emuMMC for me that freezes at Nintendo logo.

Or is the problem, because the emuMMC is on a visible partition? Maybe since it’s SX OS, it needs to be where it originally was. Maybe after I wake up.