Easy money in Fallout 76

Almost 1k in caps from somebody, they bought all the purified water I put in my vending machine.

I need to move my camp by water, so I can get the big ass water purifier thing. Just scrap all the other stuff nobody wants, and sell only water, I can sell 60 stacks of purified water, two vending machines.

Actually, moving the camp by the start of the game, might be better. Do you start with caps? I don’t remember.

Haha, the game just crashed.

How are people playing it in Linux? Proton, the mouse doesn’t work, and Wine has shitty performance. Does it work better with NVIDIA? Then no open source driver, not a great solution.

There isn’t a bug report for Fallout 76, just 4, and the fix only works with Wine for me. The Proton DB site, doesn’t even list the game.

Might work if you put the game in windowed mode, and a virtual desktop in Proton/Wine. Nope, borderless window doesn’t fix anything, with a virtual desktop. Looks like Proton is broken. Why no bug report?

Why does Lutris make it so hard to get into winecfg? I basically have to run it manually from a terminal. I think there’s a new Proton, but it isn’t available right away, unless you compile it. Doesn’t say anything about Fallout 76. The new version is available. Must of downloaded when I first opened it.

Now, if only there was a Proton 4.2 in the folder with the other Protons. There it is, on the games drive.

WINE_PREFIX='/home/user/Games/bethesda-launcher' '/path/to/steam/steamapps/common/Proton 4.2/dist/bin/wine' winecfg

That’s how you run winecfg in Lutris. Nope, Proton can’t be fixed, tried borderless window, but not a virtual desktop that time, but disabled the mouse grabbing in winecfg. Good luck using Proton. I’ll try a different protonified runner.

If xscreensaver activates, you can’t move the camera all the way around. Got to restart the game yet again. Wine isn’t very convenient.

The tkg-protonified runners work better, till it crashes.

Do you have to rebuy the game for Google Stadia? Or maybe they’ll release the Linux version, so I don’t have to use Wine, which crashes.

It doesn’t sound like you’ll be able to restore purchases of games you’ve previously gotten, you’ll unsurprisingly have to buy all of your Stadia titles on the platform.

From here. So buy the PS4 version instead? No need to wait, and I don’t have to spend over $100 to do that.