Does that work with Proton? If not, is there a PS4 version?

Looks like it does.

Is the digital PS4 version $20 too? I'm not a fan of buying Windows games. Damn, $60.

Looks like I'd have to buy the disc version, if I don't want to spend $60 for the PS4 version.

I bought the PC version, I don't want to wait. It's around 20 GB.

Looks like a cool game, but it's laggy. I think I read you have to use an older Proton, can you do that on a game basis or do you have to do it for all games? I think I can with Lutris.

Yup, you can force a specific version. On a game basis.

Once you get to the place the guy you try attacking takes you to, click L by a guard, it opens the computer thing. They tell you to stop messing with that thing. Apparently they don't like tech there.

Maybe I should join a different faction, but I'm lazy.

Oh yeah, don't use an old Proton, it runs worse, even after I lowered the settings more. Runs fine in the newest Proton now, with the lower settings. Something I read said something about reloading your game to make it run better. Or maybe that was a different game.