emuMMC is stable now?

Black screen when booting with Hekate.

Last thing to try, is my smaller Lexar micro SD card. Either my card isn't supported, or it's defective, or the free CFW is defective. Might be the card, it's slow at mounting it. And there's sector errors in dmesg.

There is a bug on their Git, that might be related.

The game I bought is done downloading finally.

Nope, not the SD card, still black screen.

Redownloaded Atmosphere, in case it's corrupt.

You know why it doesn't work?


It can't boot the sysNAND.

Might be stuck at the Switch logo. Not stuck, just slow.

{ }

Use that to boot it, what I had before. Tinfoil crashed, trying to do USB install, it crashes the Switch. Not corrupted. Not the Tinfoil made by the dick, who used the name of an existing homebrew installer.

Updating to 7.0.1.

If you boot with just the payload and kip1patch, it'll be slow, and apparently won't shutdown right. Oops, what happens if you enable Auto RCM in emuMMC? I forgot to disable it. Maybe nothing, since it can't touch the eMMC.

Maybe, you can only install one game at a time. It's installing one NSP. After rebooting into 7.0.1.

Guess sigpatches don't full work in emuMMC. Cause it crashed on trying to install another one.

The one game I installed works, after I installed the update. Didn't download anything from Nintendo. So you install, reboot, install, and so on. I guess the NSP installers are unreliable on emuMMC. So the people only tested launching games, not installing.

Downloading the sigpatches from here. Maybe that'll work. If not, I can always try Kosmos which is on that link. But that's based on what I'm using.

How is it not fully turning off stable? Have to keep holding the power button for a long ass time. Won't go into RCM.

Probably the exact same patches. Cause it crashed again.

Maybe network install works better. Does Tinfoil work on the TV? Just got to get the IP on the router for it. It can't connect to the WiFi, it doesn't do WPA enterprise. Not setting up another SSID with the WPA it supports, then I'd have to remember to turn it off. It's blocked from the internet. Yes it does, it's installing something. And it closed because of an error.

Network install is even less reliable. Is there an installer that works with emuMMC?

Instead of installing one game at a time, then waiting for it to reboot, I'll just play Elex.

Going to try the other Goldleaf, 0.5, instead of the modified 0.6. The 0.6 isn't even on the Goldleaf Git, it's just provided by Fluffy. I'll be using a different USB installer.

I installed two things with Goldleaf 0.5 by USB before it crashed the Switch. Damn, I was hoping I'd get to three.