emummc.kip & emummc.kipm

No wonder emuMMC isn’t working, I needed two files, that aren’t precompiled.

I had to edit the sh file, remove .exe from hactool, and put the exact location of it in front of it. That’s an ancient hactool, might not work.

I’d share the files, but my cloud is dead. I’ve been trying almost all day to fix it, stayed up past 2 am yesterday trying to fix it.

Probably didn’t need to format my SD card. Now, I get to wait a long ass time to copy everything back.

Anybody know how to get Nextcloud to work with nginx_apache in DirectAdmin? Might work with one or the other, but Apache doesn’t work. I could use NGINX by itself, but no .htaccess if you do that.

Empty reply from server

I get that with –http1.1.

HTTP/2 stream 0 was not closed cleanly: PROTOCOL_ERROR (err 1)

And that without the –http1.1. Says connection closed when logged in on the domain, and the Overview in Administration says “Your web server is not yet properly set up to allow file synchronization, because the WebDAV interface seems to be broken.”. Search Google 24/7, and you’ll never find the solution. Did I get it to work last time? Probably not.

Just found a config that might work. Didn’t think about the SSL being invalid, it is. On the Apache server.

Every time, I change my config.php, I have to “upgrade” Nextcloud.

Your web server is not properly set up to resolve “/ocs-provider/”. This is most likely related to a web server configuration that was not updated to deliver this folder directly. Please compare your configuration against the shipped rewrite rules in “.htaccess” for Apache or the provided one in the documentation for Nginx at it’s documentation page. On Nginx those are typically the lines starting with “location ~” that need an update.

Finally got that error to popup again. Easy to get rid of that error.

  location ~ ^/(?:updater|ocs-provider)(?:$|/)
    try_files $uri/ =404;
    index index.php;
    access_log /var/log/nginx/exclude-log.conf;

Delete that.

Anybody know the correct proxy values for config.php? Or do you have to disable HTTP2? I tried that, it won’t disable it.

I got a black screen on my Switch. If, I boot into the original firmware, it says I need to format the card. So it’s supposed to be the second partition? That’s a bummer.

You can download the emuMMC files here. If you can’t compile it yourself, you probably shouldn’t use it.

The emuNAND is the second partition, but it just booted the sysNAND with CFW. The sector is probably wrong. It’s the EmuNAND from SX OS. Maybe entering the sector fdisk -l shows will work, it’s not in hex.

Probably doesn’t work, cause there’s not GPT magic. I can’t even open the backup in ninfs.

Slowly combining my sysNAND backup, so I can put it on the SD card. I’ll try opening it with ninfs first.

That won’t open either. Found a RawNAND file I can access. How do I get just the RAW NAND from the backup?

dd if=EmuNAND.bin of=RawNAND.bin bs=1024K count=16097738 seek=8389632 oflag=seek_bytes status=progress

Maybe that’ll work. This NVMe SSD goes under 300 MB/s when running that. It basically copied the file to RawNAND.bin. I’ll try making the part files instead.

“iflag=skip_bytes” might work. oflag = output file flags.

The backup is most likely bad, probably didn’t back enough up. Apparently SX OS doesn’t care.

Use wipefs to delete the broken partition table in the image file. It’s the partition for the SD card, don’t need that when putting it on a partition. Don’t know if that’ll work, didn’t format the image file, just deleted the partition table. It takes a long ass time to dd it to the SD card.