Finally got emuMMC to work

Go here, click the SD file link, and look at where they put the fucking emummc folder, root of the SD card.

The Reddit instructions are wrong, said to put that folder in the atmosphere folder.

Don’t believe anything on Reddit. The sector I was using is right.

It’s my SX OS EmuNAND, obviously no XCI support. Goldleaf won’t open.

My compiled emuMMC files are here. I wonder if that guide was posted before I set it up. Would of saved me from compiling it.

Downloaded the name stealing Tinfoil, need an XCI installer, the other ones might not work. I’m to lazy to convert every single XCI to NSP. They pretend all dumb when you mention that Tinfoil was the name of somebody else’s program. Not open source, so it might brick my emuMMC.

You know it’s working, because it stays at the logo longer. At least the first time you boot it.

You won’t be installing anything, the sig patches I downloaded, don’t work.

Downloaded patches from here. Looks like I was missing stuff, only one folder. Get an error booting with that.

There’ll be no official support for patches on Emunand and the stuff related to it

Why? Cause they are an ass.

Found patches for 6.2.0, my emuMMC is less then that. Nope. Gets an error with those too.

Even without patches, it gets the same crash screen.

Maybe the emuMMC is corrupt.

dd if=EmuNAND.bin of=/dev/sdl2 bs=1024K skip=1024 iflag=skip_bytes status=progress

That’s how I restored my SX OS backup.

There’s no title that matches what it says, I even renamed the Emutendo folder, and made a new one.

Sig patches work, the one from the above link, a little ways up. Somehow my emuMMC got corrupted. Probably from the fake Tinfoil.

Long process to convert my XCIs. Tinfoil still doesn’t work. Just closed after clicking B, says to click B.

One game installed.

I wouldn’t recommend using emuMMC yet, you might corrupt your emuMMC. Haha, Switch crashed again. Probably from the sig patches.

You can only install so many games, till it crashes, at least I don’t need a jig to enter RCM, just click power, I deleted the reboot payload.