Goldleaf how to install more then one or two things at a time

Easy, unplug the USB cable from the Switch after it's done, then install another. That beats waiting for it to reboot. It's on the third NSP doing that.

Copying to the SD card might work too. But I'd have to split some of them. And then you need double the space.

Might be a problem with my cable or where it's plugged in. It's plugged into the front of one of my external drives, it crashes the Switch plugged into my hub too.

More likely an odd bug. That every single installer has.

Onto the fourth one, without rebooting.

Onto the fifth one, still no crash. Maybe my USB port is bugged. Might need to be plugged into the rear, there might be a USB C port open, you'd need an adapter, or a C-C cable.

ADATA ED600 USB3.1 Tool-Free Easy Swap IP54 Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof 2.5inch SSD and Hard Drive Enclosure (AED600-U31-CBK) how is that rugged? Looks like cheap plastic. Cheaper then a non rugged enclosure, which is cheaper then the better rugged enclosure. I'd put a Crucial SSD in it. ADATA SSD might be to risky, if my SD card dies, and then the SSD dies, I have zero pictures. That's assuming I go on vacation. Otherwise, it'll just collect dust.

They claim they get 250 MB/s with a USB 2 enclosure, nope the max will be around 40 MB/s, so they are a liar. I'll probably buy it, because it's only $12. But not in stock till July 5th, that's a bummer. I'll be putting a cheap Crucial SSD in it.

Oh and the Switch finally crashed. Installing the last NSP in the list. There's more though. At least two more after this one.

Better then SX OS, you got to put your jiggy in, and your dongle in, if you reboot. No need to do anything when rebooting Atmosphere. It's like magic.

Done installing for tonight. Just need to see if one game opens. The last game I was playing. It opened. And only 81.4 GB free.

I need to buy a bunch of Switch games. I like collecting games. I have more 3DS games. Not hard to beat though. Game demos are a rip off, you don't get a cartridge.