I regret buying a Mac mini 2012

Semi broke it, by upgrading it. Some programs are super slow on it, probably because they don’t know how to make Mac software. Like the Logitech remote software.

Affinity Photo is slow on it too.

Nowhere to put a external GPU, so there’s no point in buying that.

If you put Linux on it, it’s probably fast. No Mac programs if you do that.

Apparently macOS is only fast on PCs, even in a VM, macOS is faster on my desktop, at least with GPU passthrough, that doesn’t work reliably with my AMD card, not the new one or the old one. And if you want to use the GPU in Linux, when the VM isn’t running, it’ll be even worse, you’ll get freezing.

Resetting the PRAM might of made Affinity Photo slightly faster. Slow at focus merging though. Doesn’t even use 100% CPU, and it takes its time. That would explain why macOS is fast on PCs, they probably have no PRAM.

You probably need to do that after changing hardware on a Mac.

Now, if only iTunes could find my iPhone. I disabled the VPN on the iPhone. Oh wait, probably need to disable the WiFi on it and then enable it again.

The router must be blocking it from the other VLAN again. Oh well, to lazy to do anything about it.