I wonder what she asked me

Didn't hear her, loud ass music playing. Also, didn't recognize her.

Does she live here? If so, she probably changed her hair, making it so I wouldn't recognize her. If that's the case, that's happened three times so far.

I'd recognize Tonka if she got groomed.

Losing touch with reality might be great.

Not eating seconds for dinner sucks, you'll get hungry.

Just think, if I had a gf, she changes her hair, then she comes out of the bathroom and I ask where she is. Then holler her name to try and find her, your neighbors will be confused.

Usually I recognize people after they say something. Seeing, as I don't even know what she said, I didn't really hear her voice that well. I just said "what", and she gave me the look my dad did the last time I saw him.

So, if I go deaf, I won't know who anybody is.