Might buy a new AMD CPU

Probably not till after July. Apparently, both sides of the CPU, will have the same latency to the RAM, non like 1st gen Ryzen chips.

Don't really need that though, not putting another GPU in my computer, to use GPU passthrough. I'd only be buying to hopefully compile with all threads. Oh, and it has hardware mitigation for some of the popular CPU vulnerabilities. Now, they can find new vulnerabilities.

I do wonder, if some of my RAM is bad, that might be why Saints Row: The Third crashes. Maybe even Fallout 76. But that's more likely a Wine thing, or game.

How much will Fallout 76 cost on Google Stadia? If it's only $20, I might buy it. Except, I'll have no data left, only get 1 TB on Comcast. I won't pay jerks another $50 a month.